With over 100 million people viewing Vines each month, it's time you start perfecting your strategy for growing a massive brand on this powerful video platform.

Let's face it, we all know that our businesses need truckloads of traffic, right? Although Vine may not be one of the mainstream marketing channels on the internet yet, it could hold an amazing opportunity for scaling up that brand of yours to a whole new level.

After launching just a couple years ago in 2013, Vine already has over 40 million users and counting. That is like taking 25% of the U.S.'s smartphone users and having all of them download Vine.

That is a TON of people. Remember how I've mentioned in past articles about how people's attention spans on the internet seem to be shortening, especially for video?


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Well, maybe that is why Vine is so popular, especially for the 18-20 year old age group, with its videos all being limited to just 6 seconds. With these videos being so short, people and brands have to get straight to the point and make each second count.

This has all resulted in Vine netting 1.5 billion video views per day. And if you still aren't convinced that Vine presents a HUGE opportunity for branding, look at these 2 statistics:

Branded vines receive 400% more shares than regular branded videos. Plus, by 2016, it is estimated that 55% of internet traffic will be made up of videos.

Look like a big opportunity to grow your business brand yet? If you think so (I would be shocked if you didn't), here is how to perfect your branding strategy for Vine…



The Perfect Strategy For Growing Your Business Brand With Vine:

* Credit to SurePayroll for letting us use this great infographic


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Ask yourself these questions when brainstorming your approach to marketing on Vine:

  • As a brand, what would you like your Vine viewers to do after watching your video?
  • What kind of visuals will you include in your video to capture attention?
  • What kind of sounds will you use in the video to get attention?
  • What will you do in each of the 6 seconds of the video?
  • How can you simplify the video to where 6 seconds is enough for the entire message?
  • What will the purpose of the video be?
  • Can your video help solve a problem?


17 Vine Brand Video Tips

1. Make sure there is a purpose to the video. Try to solve a problem for your target audience in the video and don't record until you know the purpose of it beforehand.

2. Show off your new material. Have a new blog post, training, product, ebook, etc.? Make a Vine video teasing it to your audience.

3. Do a quick How-To video. Everyone loves a good How-To, don't they? But, 6 seconds is pretty short for a video like that. Talk about one feature or one main tip in the video.

4. Related your products to current events, holidays, trending topics, etc.

5. Share some breaking news about events going on with your brand, community, industry, etc.

6. Create a contest with a cool prize. Ask your audience to create their own Vines about your brand or something related, set guidelines and hashtags to track the videos.

7. Shoutout to your best fans. Make them feel special and show the community you appreciate them.

8. Share coupons or special offers in your Vines. You can tell them the link to use or share a promo code.


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9. Show some appreciation from customers. Share testimonials, reviews, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. that happy customers have posted about your brand.

10. Leverage animations with a stop motion clip. Keep in mind that most smartphones allow about 30 frames per second.

11. Create a multi-part series for viewers. This will keep them coming back for future video clips. It is hard to tell a story in 6 seconds, but you can reveal one piece at a time through a series of “episodes” instead.

12. Take your audience behind the scenes. Show them your business' culture, what employees are up to, etc.

13. Make sure your brand logo is somewhere in the video. Whether it is in the corner as a watermark or on the shirt of someone who's talking in the video, this will help increase brand-awareness.

14. Use Hashtags to maximize video exposure and broaden your audience.

15. Add a caption with a link to your website. This will get you more branding and traffic.

16. Cross-promote your Vines on other social media sites like Twitter to widen your reach.

17. Make sure you use a call-to-action. Tell them exactly what you want them to do next.



Vine is getting EXTREMELY popular and is still such a young company. Imagine how big their audience will be just a few more years down the road. It's mindblowing.

Use these tips and tricks to maximize your Vine brand exposure, so you can take your business to the next level with today's trends. Have you been using Vine for YOUR brand?


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