What separates the big businesses from the little ones? Is it fancy websites? Is it a cooler logo? Nope, it's traffic. If you have enough traffic, you can make lots of money doing just about anything.

And, in today's world, social media marketing is one of the best ways to get traffic on a budget without waiting FOREVER for SEO to kick in.

It's time you leveraged 2015's greatest social media marketing tactics for getting HUGE traffic numbers on a budget.



10 Social Media Marketing Tactics For BIG Traffic In 2015


1. Use Viral Content Buzz

In case you didn't already know, Viral Content Buzz is a website where you can basically trade shares of other people's content for shares of yours.

It's a great way to get a ton of extra social media traffic to your content without paying for ads.

You earn points by sharing other people's content on the site until you have enough to start a “project”. These projects can get people in the community to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and Pinterest.

Plus, while some sites don't have secure ways to keep people from stealing points without sharing, Viral Content Buzz ensures you get your shares before points are rewarded.

For a review and tutorial on how to use Viral Content Buzz as a social media marketing tactic, watch this video:

viral content buzz review tutorial



2. Empire Avenue

Using Empire Avenue for your social media marketing efforts can definitely give you an extra traffic boost for your content.

Much like Viral Content Buzz, you can get points (or eaves) by completing other people's missions which usually involve some kind of social sharing.

You can also get points by participating in the stock market where every member of the community gets a share price based on their social media activity.

Once you get enough points, you can start your own “missions” and reward points to people for sharing or engaging with your content. It's a great way to grow your brand and get more social traffic without spending a penny.

Of course, you can always upgrade to a paid member for more benefits if needed.

For more on using this site for your social media efforts, here's an Empire Avenue review and some Empire Avenue tips for getting the most out of it.


3. JustRetweet

Need more traffic from Twitter, Facebook or Google+ while staying on a tight budget? JustRetweet might be the perfect option for you. Here, you can login with your Twitter account and either retweet, like or +1 tweets to earn points.

Once you have quite a few points, just go over to “Submit Tweet” and fill in the blanks for how you want to promote your content. This site is great for building up your brand, social following and traffic to a website.

To promote your content, enter in the title of it and a link to the full post in the “Tweet” box. You may also add any hashtags, mentions, etc. if needed.

After that, specify how many credits you would like to reward to people who share the post (I recommend at least 8), state how many shares you want and pick which social media platforms you want shares on.

You can choose to get shares from either Twitter, Facebook or Google+. I personally like to stick to Twitter and Facebook for this particular site.

You can even specify the minimum number of followers they have in case you only want people with larger followings to share (I set it to at least 350 followers or more).

Then just pick the category your content falls under and click “Submit”. Now, you start seeing some social media shares and traffic coming in for your content fairly quickly. Try JustRetweet here.


4. Use Buffer Or Hootsuite

What a lot of people may forget in life is that you can always make more money, but you can never buy more time. You time is your most valuable asset and it helps to have a social media scheduling service like Buffer or Hootsuite.

I personally prefer Buffer, because of the branding that Hootsuite likes to put on your posts and for other reasons. You can see my full Buffer vs Hootsuite comparison here. Or, just watch the video:

buffer vs hootsuite social media manager

Once you pick one of these social media managers, start scheduling your content for social media, so that you don't have to waste a lot of time going back and forth between social profiles trying to constantly post stuff to grow your traffic.

Get Buffer here. Or you can get Hootsuite here.


5. Revive Old Blog Posts

Ever wish you get more out of you classic blog content without having to promote them again? Revive Old Post for WordPress is the perfect plugin for automatically sharing previous blog posts.

You can sync your Twitter account with the free version or go PRO and add Facebook, Linkedin and Tumblr accounts. You can set how often you want your posts to be shared, which ones should be excluded, whether images should be used, what hashtags should be used, etc.

The best part is you just set it and forget it with this plugin. You can download Revive Old Post here to try it out. It will get you a dramatic boost in social traffic and shares.



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6. Use The Right Social Share Buttons

With about 14 million different social media sharing plugins out there, how do you pick the right one? Well, when it comes down to big traffic and quality SEO, the list of options becomes much smaller.

You don't just need social media buttons for sharing your content, you need social media buttons that won't slow down your website performance. Believe it or not, most social share buttons hurt your load times.

You not only need these buttons to get you shares and load fast, but you also need them to show up on the mobile version of your site.

Mobile optimization is EXTREMELY important these days after the big Google mobile update and the dramatic rise in mobile traffic (almost 40% of my traffic is now from smartphones).

So, which social media sharing plugins fit all of these qualifications? I've tried a lot of different social sharing plugins and I recommend either Async Social Sharing or the Floating Social Bar.

Both of these load very quickly without hurting your site performance, include the major social media share buttons, and show up on any device your website may be viewed on.

They will get you a lot more shares, traffic and virality without hurting your site in any way.


7. Take Advantage Of Lesser Known Social Sites

We've all heard of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Linkedin. But, did you know that those might not be the best social media websites for getting traffic?

In fact, I've had a lot of luck getting blog traffic from these 5 social sites lately:

  • Hacker News
  • Stumbleupon
  • Twitter
  • Flipboard
  • Pinterest

Only one of those, Twitter, is considered one of the most popular ones that I mentioned earlier. You can learn more about the 5 best social media websites for bloggers in this video:

5 best social media sites for increasing blog traffic 2015

Just because they don't have as much total traffic as the other top social media sites, doesn't mean they aren't the best options for growing your blog's traffic. These sites are more blog-friendly than the other options.


8. Model After The Best

A good marketing tactic for any situation is to just see what the best do and model after them. When it comes down to it, there is no point in wasting your time overthinking things or reinventing the wheel.

Here are some influencers to learn from by the social media platform:

  • For Facebook marketing strategies, model after Amy Porterfield.
  • For Twitter marketing strategies, model after Jeff Bullas.
  • For Google+ marketing strategies, model after Ana Hoffman.
  • For Pinterest marketing strategies, model after Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

I've been modeling the best strategies from these marketers and others, as well as combining them with my own and it has worked very well for me.

These marketers have specialties in getting traffic from those specific areas when it comes to social media, so you can learn a lot from them.


9. Use Images To Maximize Social Real Estate

Images are some of the most engaged posts you can have on social media. This is why sites like Instagram and Pinterest, who focus on mostly image sharing, have become so ridiculously popular.

Images usually take up the largest amount of space in a news feed on social media platforms. This gives you a better chance to get your posts noticed and attract more traffic to your brand.

A few ways to maximize the use of images are:

  • Using the optimal image sizes for each social media platform.
  • Putting your brand logo or website URL in the corner of your original images.
  • Using social media share buttons that appear when viewers hover over your blog images.

To get the most traffic from social media images, keep these 3 strategies in mind. If you don't know the optimal image size for each social media site, here they are.

If you need a free plugin for adding social media share buttons, like the Pinterest Pin It button, to your blog images, download sumome and add the free image sharer app.

And like I said, it can be very effective to have your brand logo or website URL in the corner of all your content images. As you have probably noticed on my blog, I put SelfMadeSuccess.com in the corner of my images.

This way, when someone shares my blog image on social media, they may not have a link to click, but they will see my URL and can type it in their browser to go to my website. It's great for branding, as well as traffic.


10. Make Sure You Get New Followers Daily

If you aren't getting new social media followers, how can you possible keep progressing your traffic and reaching new people? This is why it is extremely important for you to grow your following a little bit everyday.

Even if you don't have much of a budget at all for marketing there are plenty of steps you take to get more followers on your social profiles.

For Facebook, here's a video on getting more page likes organically without ads:

how to increase facebook likesorganicallywithoutads

There are countless ways to get Facebook likes without even paying for ads (like Facebook wants you to). Leverage other pages, post shareable updates, keep track of how many people each post reaches, and follow the rest of the tips in the video.

If you need to get more targeted Twitter followers on a budget, watch this video for some useful tips:

how to get thousands of targeted twitter followers for free

Twitter is probably my absolute favorite social platform for getting blog traffic because it is easier to get in front of thousands of people and their are so many great Twitter tools out there.

If you need to get more quality, targeted Google+ followers, watch this video:

how to get targeted google plus followers brand

Google+ is perfect for blog traffic because your posts actually show up in Google search results for related keywords your followers search for. It's like getting page one rankings without even needing to do SEO.



Social media marketing can be the difference-maker in your business. A large, engaged social media following can be one of your greatest assets and if you leverage the 10 strategies I've given you, you can have that plus flood of social traffic to your site in no time.


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    12 replies to "10 Social Media Marketing Tactics For Big Traffic In 2015"

    • Tom

      Incredible post!!!

      Thx for sharing all of this valuable information.

      • Justin Bryant

        Glad you liked it, Tom. I look forward to hearing more from you in future posts.

    • Mary

      Social platforms are showing their power even today.
      After trying to rank well on the major search engines, I realized that Facebook has more traffic than these search engines so I started to create a nice community around my energy blog there, and even today I receive a very nice amount of traffic from there that converts very well.

      • Justin Bryant

        That’s a good point, Mary. People tend to think Google is the only way to get traffic to their blog when social media is just as, if not more effective. Social media should be used as a main traffic source from day 1, while SEO and ranking in Google will take time, but pays off in the long run. Thanks for commenting!

    • Metz

      There are lots of line of attacks in leveraging social media marketing and traffic. I agree the 10 tips above will work if used accordingly. Testing also is necessary since not all the tactics shared will work to everyone.

      List down what you need, your purpose and who is your target market before opting which is which.

      In social media marketing, sharing post with images or videos is in no doubt effective if it is high quality, interesting and useful.

      In addition, time is very important and we don’t have all the time in the world to use all the tricks. Nevertheless, there are tools online we can use like Hootsuite. You keep track and manage all your social network channels. This tool will also enable you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and help you respond instantly.

      • Justin Bryant

        I completely agree with you Metz. Thanks for sharing your insight

    • Tristan

      Hey Justin,

      Great list of social media marketing tactics. Social platforms are a great source of traffic if used accordingly. As of now, I’m doing a lot of content creation plus social sharing. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest bring tons of traffic to my blog posts. This is the real power of social media. To be successful in your social media marketing campaign, you must engage with your audience. Talk to them, not just share blogs and give information, your audience must feel that you are helping them.

      Great post. You got a tweet from me!

      • Justin Bryant

        Glad you liked it Tristan. Thanks for the valuable insight and the tweet. I look forward to hearing more from you on future posts

    • Jonny Zier

      I’ve got one important point to add.

      You must engage your visitors to share your content, not just share yourself. This is not less effective.

      You can benefit a lot, focusing on it. Give your visitors a chance to share not only the whole post, but its parts we well!

      Shareable visuals/images and tweetable quotes/soundbites is definitely a MUST in 2015!

      For me TweetDis plugin works just fine for this.

      • Justin Bryant

        Thanks for insight Jonny. I’ll have to checkout that plugin

    • souvik ghosh

      Great advice as always. I’ve got to say that adding tweetable quotes throughout posts has proved really successful for me. Leveraging influencers is also a great way to drive more traffic and get yourself known, just make sure you go about it the right way and don’t come across as needy or spammy.

      • Justin Bryant

        Yes, embedded tweets can definitely make a big difference and very few people know about how to do them. I always say, the easier you make the actions you want your visitors to take, the better your results will be.

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