In this video, I will give you a Think and Grow Rich book review and show you what's covered throughout the book.

If you've been thinking about reading this extremely popular book, I'll help you understand if its contents are going to be helpful to you or not.

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Book information:

  • Author: Napoleon Hill
  • Publishing date: March 1937



What's covered:


1. Desire

Napoleon Hill starts the first lesson of how to become wealthy by talking about how badly you need to desire it and how to get to that point.


2. Faith

In Chapter 3, he talks about faith and how you need it to take the necessary steps to achieve success.


3. Auto-Suggestion

In the next chapter, Hill discusses the importance of auto-suggestion which basically refers to your own self talk.


4. Specialized knowledge

In Chapter 5, you learn about specialized knowledge and how to acquire it in a way that helps you become more likely to succeed.


5. Imagination

Napoleon Hill then talks about imagination. Many people don't use it enough for productivity and goal achievement.


6. Organized planning

Organized planning is another important pattern you find in successful people and this is discussed in-depth by Hill in the book.


7. Decision

You also will learn how to make decisions like successful people do, making you more likely to achieve wealth in the future.


8. Persistence

One thing most successful people have in common, as observed by Napoleon Hill, is the persistence to keep going when faced with challenges, failures, and bumps in the road.


9. Masterminds

Another thing many people fail to use effectively that wealthy people do is a mastermind. A mastermind is basically when you have a group of intelligent, like-minded people you can go to for guidance.


10. Sexual attraction

Sexual attraction is covered in Chapter 11 and how it actually can help you become more successful if properly used as motivation.


11. Subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind may be one of the important factors covered in this entire book. Hill shows you how to plant seeds in your subconscious mind to help you automatically behave and make progress like a successful person.


12. The brain

How the brain actually works is also covered in this book. Hill talks about how your brain is fed and how you must use it to achieve wealth.


13. The sixth sense

The sixth sense is an almost unexplainable  phenomenon that Napoleon Hill describes in the last lesson of this book. He shows you how to go about tapping into what you deems as a sort of infinite intelligence.



Who this book is for:

  • This book is great for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • If you want to achieve wealth and don't mind hard work, this book is for you.
  • This books is also great for people who just want to improve themselves.



Who this book is not for:

  • This book is not for people who want a get rich quick shortcut.
  • Think and Grow Rich is not for lazy people.
  • This book is also not for people who want an entertaining book. It's merely a nonfiction book meant to teach you something.



Helpful resources:



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Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant

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    1 Response to "Think and Grow Rich Book Book Review and What’s Covered"

    • Bethany

      Hi Justin,
      I became interested in Think and Grow Rich after noticing the popularity on YouTube. I stumbled upon a few audios and took a listen. I’ve recently purchased it for Kindle unabridged synched with Audible. I am reading it now and looking forward to this complete edition.

      I agree this book is for aspiring entrepreneurs. Those with a strong desire to succeed and serve. The book conveys to me not just attaining monetary wealth but increasing emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and intellectual wealth just to name a few.

      Before reading and listening to this book I’m familiar with a few of the principles and have implemented them in a quite similar manner. They do work…but not without strong patience and implementation and repetition for success. Like you said it’s hard work.

      Justin, thanks for sharing. I enjoy your content and videos. The value has played a part in re-entering online. Like a silent mentor…lol. And again thank you…Keep up the great work!

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