I got a question on Quora that asked about the best ways to do SEO for quick results. Here are a few of my tips…


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Ways to do SEO for quick results:

Going into 2019, your best bet is to:

1. Create content that has titles with long and short keyword phrases in one. Type the short, high traffic keyword phrase in the search bar of Google or YouTube and it will auto-fill with longer tail keywords you can use.

2. Use cross-promotion and content re-purposing to maximize traffic for every topic you cover. So, if you make a YouTube video, post it in blog post form, Podcast form, upload it to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

3. Post new content daily or every other day or it’s less likely people will subscribe or keep coming back.

4. Do what’s best for the user. You used to get traffic from optimizing tags, word count, keyword density, backlinks, etc.

Now, it’s more about how long the user spends on your content and whether they subscribe, view more of your work, etc.

For YouTube, it’s watch time now because that indicates whether the content met their needs. For Google, it’s time on site, pages visited, etc.




what are the best ways to do seo for quick results


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