I got a question on Quora that asked about what to do when you overthink so much that you become unhappy. Here are a few of my tips…

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What to do if you tend to overthink everything:

I’m guilty of overthinking everything. If you’re like me, you can’t help but analyze every possible outcome and think years into the future for every little thing.

My advice is to experiment with going with your gut feeling more often. I say this because if you are naturally prone to overthinking everything, your gut feeling or quick decision may still be more thought-out than most people’s.

There’s really no on-off switch that I’ve found for overthinking. It’s just how you’re wired.

It can be an advantage though if you trust yourself more to go with your instincts because you naturally will have at least thought it through a little first. It’s probably better to naturally overthink than to naturally under-think.

Use your overthinking side more for bigger decisions and things of that nature.



what do i do when overthinking is making me unhappy


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    3 replies to "What Do I Do When Overthinking is Making Me Unhappy?"

    • Muhammad

      I Will go to club and get drunk

    • Mercedes

      Hi Justin:Our minds work hard to try to solve problems in many different ways, that is sufficiently complex to be confusing and frustrating, but not so utterly complex as to allow our minds to tap into our full creative potential; overthinking everything is unpleasant and keeps us from moving forward and making progress. It is super important to understand that if we have a tendency to overthink things, we are simply being human.

      We are bound to find relief from our mental strain and might even discover a creative solution to our problem with simple ways to stop overthinking that are powerful in their simplicity like:

      Doing a bunch of simple tasks gives me a feeling of success.
      Sitting to meditate for even 10 minutes will stop overthinking in its tracks.
      To break up old mental patterns and replace them with new and empowering ones (Jokes).
      Think clearly and find peace.
      Focusing on our work instantly puts us in the realm of something we can control.
      The tone and tenor of your breathing is a direct representation of your mental state.
      With the calmer (and focused!) your mind will become!
      Get outside for some exercise.
      I find that writing out thoughts can too.

      Apply one of them (or several if you like) next time you find yourself caught up in your thoughts.

    • Shone

      This was real nice and much needed in simple words. I appreciate you writing this for over thinkers like myself …. it can make or break you right ? Lol

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