Here are some of the best work from home jobs with no experience or diploma required to apply:

1. Transcription at GoTranscript

At GoTranscript, you can get paid to work from home transcribing audio or video files into text.

You can also do this worldwide while making up to $0.60/audio or video minute via PayPal.

You also get paid weekly here.

Work whenever you want and choose your projects here.

According to Glassdoor, people average around $22/hour here.

2. Subtitling at Rev

At Rev, you can get paid to do transcription, caption, subtitle, or translation work.

You can get paid weekly via PayPal and get started without prior experience.

Here, you can also get started as early as 13 years old with your parent or legal guardian’s permission.

You’ll get paid $0.30-$3.00 per audio/video minute, depending on the work you do and how fast you do it.

On top of all that, you can also have a flexible work schedule that lets you work when you want.

Some freelancers earn up to $38/hour here, according to Glassdoor.

3. Search Rating at Welocalize

At Welocalize, there is a work from home job called a Search Quality Rater where you can get paid to evaluate the relevance of search results in search engines.

These are easy jobs that don't require experience, a degree, a diploma, or even an interview.

You can also work part-time and make your own schedule.

They also hire worldwide here.

Pay can vary, but is usually between $15 and $25/hour here.

4. Ads Rating at Welocalize

A similar to job to the Search Quality Rater at Welocalize is the Ads Quality Rater.

With this job, you just evaluate ads to make sure they are relevant to search results in a search engine.

Like the search rating job I mentioned above, you also don't need hardly any credentials to apply and you also get A LOT of freedom.

The pay is essentially the same as the search rating jobs.

5. Online Data Analyst at Telus International

The Online Data Anlayst at Telus International is very similar to the Ad and Search Rating jobs you would find at Welocalize.

The requirements are essentially the same.

The main difference is you will focus on improving online maps with the Online Data Analyst.

According to Glassdoor reviews, you can earn up to $38/hour with this job.

6. Microtasking at Amazon Mechanical Turk

At Amazon, they have a called Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) that lets you get paid to do microtasking.

These microtasking jobs include image/video processing, data verification/clean-up, information gathering, data processing, etc.

You can get paid to do all sorts of easy tasks here with hardly any credentials required.

Pay will vary by the task.

7. Tutoring at Cambly

At Cambly, you can get paid $10-$12//hour to do English Tutoring.

They hire worldwide and you can get paid weekly via PayPal every Monday.

What's also nice is no Experience or teaching certifications are required to apply here.

There is also no mention of a degree or diploma being needed to qualify.

On top of all that, you only have to teach one person at a time instead of doing up to 4 like other tutoring websites.

8. Customer Support at Omni Interactions

At Omni Interactions, you can get paid $14-$20/hour to do phone, email, and chat-based customer support for different companies.

You don't really need to have done customer support in the past, but they do like it when you have had some sort of related job helping customers in some way (even if it is as a server at a restaurant).

They have gigs available in US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Guatemala.

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