Here's how to make passive income from photography.

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Know which photos are in demand

Photos that you will typically see sold and downloaded the most usually have something to do with:

  • Office/Working
  • Nature
  • Background that could be used for quotes
  • Holiday-related photos
  • Abstract
  • Technology
  • Family
  • Cities

Check these lists of the top downloaded photos from major photography sites:

Learn from those who have done it

According to a writer at, you can expect to earn around $0.25-$0.45 per image, per month.

Guess what that means…

You need A LOT of volume on average if you want a sizable passive income stream from stock photography.

How much volume?

According to a photographer interviewed by a contributor at The Penny Hoarder, you may need 50 to 100 new images uploaded every month to build a solid income.

Also, keep in mind that you make royalties ranging from 15% to 50%, so that's another reason why you need lots of volume.

Get started with amateur photography apps

Foap and Snapwire are apps that allow you to get started with photography just by selling photos you already have taken on your phone.

Phone cameras keep getting better and better and now you have a few places where you can sell those photos for some passive income for free.

For example, with Foap, you can earn $5 per download of your photos. And, on top of that, each photo can be downloaded an unlimited number of times unless it's for some sort of special promotion.

Then move to the pro sites

Here are some of the top stock photography websites for serious photographers:

Also, turn photos into art

Another cool thing you can do for passive income from your photography is use art sites to sell it.

At MiPic, you cam turn your photos into prints, towels, bags, apparel, phone cases, and more while selling them online.

With Etsy, you can have an online store with direct digital download images that don't require you having to deal with shipping, packing, or printing.

Both of these sites give you more creative ways to make passive income from your photos.

How to make passive income from photography

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