When it comes to passive or any other kind of income you make online, it can sometimes take a long time to get paid. It can also be a pain trying to collect your money via direct deposit, check, or otherwise.

Luckily, there are some ways you can passive income via PayPal to make your payments much more convenient.

1. Passive Income Apps

If you want to make passive income, there are a ton of apps out there you can use.

These won't make you a ton of money by themselves, but each one can make a little bit and you can add them together to earn more.

Data Collection Apps

One type of app you can use for passive income is data collection.

These apps pay you maybe $5 a month or so to allow them to collect data on what types of websites you like to go to or apps you use.

This data is just used for studies that further the research on consumer behavior.

Embee Meter CX is an example of one of these that actually gives you the option of getting paid via PayPal.

Lockscreen Apps

If you have an Android phone, you can download lockscreen rewards apps like Slidejoy.

These apps pay you just to include ads on you lockscreen. You don't have to spend any time clicking on anything, watching videos, taking surveys, or any of that stuff.

Just make sure the app is enabled, and collect you money via PayPal at the end of each month.

Apps like Slidejoy can make you around $5-$10 per month each.

You can also use multiple lockscreen apps on the same phone in some cases, so make sure and experiment with that to earn more money.

2. Job Boards

Job boards can be a great source of passive income because you can just build a website and let the companies do all the work after that.

Look at a site like Problogger. It earns $70 for each writing-related job posting on the site. It also seems to average around 1 post per day.

This means Problogger probably earns around $2100 per month in passive income just from job postings. That's a nice stream of income!

To create this, there are two main ways you can go:

  1. Create an entire site dedicated to being a job board.
  2. Have just a section of the site (like Problogger does) that allows companies to post jobs.

For a dedicated job board site, try using WordPress combined with a theme that is built for that like Jobmonster or Careerfy.

Here's how to build a WordPress website.

Here's a tutorial on how to build a job board with Jobmonster:

And here's a tutorial on how to build a job board using Careerfy:


For just a section of your site dedicated to job postings, try WordPress combined with a plugin like Posts Table Pro.

Here's a tutorial for building a job board section on your website using Posts Table Pro:

When you set all this up, you can just collect payments via PayPal passively from people posting jobs like Problogger does!

Also, if you do this, don't just create a general job board. Monster.com and Indeed already have that.

Instead, do a small niche job board like jobs for bloggers (this is what Problogger did), virtual assistants, coders, etc.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Another great way to make money passively is though affiliate marketing.

The only problem I have with affiliate marketing is the fact that it can be hard to keep up with all the different websites you have to use just to collect your payments.

But, there are some that automatically pay you via PayPal when you get a comission.

Two of my favorites that use this are Bluehost and Tubebuddy.

Bluehost is a hosting company that pays you $65 (not a typo) for each new customer you get them.

Tubebuddy is a tool that helps YouTubers get the best data, automate certain things, etc.

So, just look for affiliate marketing programs that pay you via PayPal, drive traffic using ads, content marketing, or social media, and collect your money.

4. Referrals

Another way to make passive income via PayPal that is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing is referrals.

The difference between referrals and affiliate marketing is with affiliate marketing, you only get paid when people buy something.

Whereas, with referrals, usually you can earn money when people just create a free account or you get a percentage of what they earn.

FeaturePoints (Full review here)

One website that has a great referral program is FeaturePoints.

You earn 50% of whatever your referrals earn for life. So, if you just refer a few power users to FeaturePoints, you can be raking in passive income for a long time without doing much.

How do people make money with FeaturePoints besides referrals?

You can also earn money by:

  • Downloading and trying out free apps.
  • Watching videos.
  • Taking surveys.
  • Shopping online and earning cash back.

Plus, FeaturePoints pays you very quickly when you request a payment.

Usually they'll pay you via PayPal within a few hours.

There are also other options for cashing out other than PayPal as well.

You can choose to get paid via Bitcoin, gift cards, Google Play credit, etc.

To get 50 free points when you sign up for FeaturePoints, use this code: E7KRRE.


Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is an website/app/browser extension that pays you money back for shopping online.

They have thousands of stores that you can earn money back from, big and small, just by having the free Rakuten app or extension.

Rakuten also has a great referral program where you get $25 and they get $10 when they sign up with your invite link and spend $25.

Sign up for free at this link to get your $10.

You can automatically get paid via PayPal every 3 months or so as long as you have over $5 available in your account.

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