Here are some part-time work from home jobs with no experience required and training provided paying as much as $30/hour!

Junior Growth Marketer at Doist


Doist’s mission is to build the future of work.

While the “future of work” concept has floated around as a trendy catchall, appearing in bland blog titles and uninspiring corporate webinars, do not be mistaken: Doist’s future of work is not their future of work.

Their future of work is more pings, tracking, and meetings. It’s trying to force the square peg of antiquated office work into the round and limitless circle of what work can be.

They approach the future of work from the past. We approach the future of work without assumptions. We're not incrementally improving upon the past. We're questioning everything and radically rethinking what's possible.

As Doist builds the future of work, many more people across the globe will thrive, both professionally and personally.

By relying on our best-in-class tools like Todoist and Twist, and inspiration from our very own workflows we will empower people to turn their big ideas into reality by focusing on meaningful, high-value work. And we will enable people from anywhere to participate in the global economy, thanks to more effective collaboration across time zones and continents.

Our Core Values

They are few, but they are mighty. From creating processes to decision-making and recruiting, we build our four core values into nearly every single thing we do.

  • Ambition. You aspire to put a dent in the universe. You set high standards for yourself and those around you. You solve issues that have a high impact on our customers and our company.
  • Mastery. You care deeply about the quality of your work. You’re continuously learning and pushing yourself to the limits of your ability. As a champion of your craft, you are also a champion of your well-being – you work intensely, then disconnect completely.
  • Independence. Others can trust that you’ll deliver on time. You keep your word and trust your teammates to do the same. You are proactive, take ownership, and remain accountable with little or no direction.
  • Communication. Your communication is clear, concise, and engaging. You keep others in the loop and never go radio silent. You speak respectfully and foster warm relationships through your interactions. You’re culturally and socially aware and can appropriately navigate social situations.

About this role

Doist’s marketing team has historically been small but mighty. With less than 10 people, we’ve been able to compete with some of the biggest companies in the world, like Google, Apple, and Microsoft (with just a tiny fraction of the human and financial resources).

After 10+ years on the market, Todoist continues to grow and we have many game-changing plans in the pipeline. Joining the team as a junior growth marketer in 2023 will give you a highly impactful, hands-on experience of the marketing and growth mechanics of a bootstrapped, profitable and product-led company (that’s also fully remote and async, of course).

We’re looking for someone who’s eager to learn and soak up new experiences, whilst offering valuable and unique contributions to our growth execution.

Doisters are passionate and curious and we want to share that passion and curiosity with someone who’s just starting out in their career. We believe in underdogs, and we believe in passing our expertise forward.

In this role, you’ll learn a wide breadth of growth marketing’s most essential skills. You’ll work on things like paid acquisition, organic acquisition (principally via SEO and ASO), Todoist’s partner program, and more.

The role is for a 6-month term at 20 hours per week (with the potential of turning into a full-time role afterward).

About you

We know you’re just getting started in your career and that you might not have much growth marketing experience yet. What’s most important for this role is:

  • Eagerness to learn and an insatiable appetite for absorbing new information and skills.
  • A genuine interest in growth marketing that is sustainable and mindful of our users and brand. We are not interested in growth at all costs.
  • Some awareness and understanding of organic and paid growth tactics.
  • Willingness to dive into various topics and disciplines and a general curiosity for product-led marketing.
  • Communicational aptitude. You’ll be interacting and sharing your work with a wide variety of Doisters in many roles, disciplines, and countries. The majority of our work is async in Twist, so strong writing skills – and the confidence to share your opinion – are essential.
  • A general grasp of data and math that drives growth would be very helpful.
  • A team-player approach to work as, in this role, you’ll be supporting various marketing functions and collaboration among the team is key (and also really fun!).

Sales & Reservations Agents at U-Haul

U-Haul is seeking energized and highly motivated individuals to join our Sales & Reservations Team. Work-from-home Agents take back-to-back incoming calls from customers who need help and support with U-Haul products and services. $17 per hour. Primary duties include:

  • Serving customers by quoting rental rates and earning new business through sales, cross-selling, and overcoming objections.
  • Providing support to customers with existing business – making changes to reservations, answering general questions, helping customers with concerns, and taking storage payments.

This is a great opportunity for students, educators, or anyone who wants a temporary, Summer job with potential to promote to a permanent, part, or full-time role.

Our comprehensive, paid, four-week education program is fast-paced, hands-on, and will help to build upon your skill set through continuous coaching and education. Education includes instructor-led class discussions, role play, and e-learning modules through our very own U-Haul University. The instructor-led guidance will prepare you to support our customers independently as you learn and begin performing some of your job duties, including taking live calls with customers in the first week.

Job Requirements

We are currently seeking talented individuals to serve our customers during the Summer season. As a Seasonal Sales & Reservations Agent, you will work remote within defined guidelines, including scripting and reading customer advisories, to facilitate the reservation process for customers through inbound sales calls.

  • We are accepting applicants starting now through July 1st, 2023.
  • August 31st, 2023, is the end date for this seasonal position (unless offered a part, or full-time role).
  • Must be able to work at least 8-weeks.
  • Must be able to attend all mandatory training.
  • Must be able to work 25 to 40-hours per week – no overtime. Candidates with availability closer to 40-hours are preferred.
  • Must be able to work at least one weekend day per week for at least one six (6) hour shift. Working two is preferred.
  • Available to work between 1:00pm – 7:00pm Arizona time
  • Working holidays is required. We are open and customers need our help.
  • Hours are not guaranteed. Your schedule will fluctuate based on forecasted customer call volume/demand

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Identify and confirm the customer’s moving needs and finds needs-based solutions by matching the available products or services. Be the ‘Moving Expert!’
  • Recommend new or alternate products and services that might be of interest to the customer through cross-selling.
  • Learn and sell the benefits of doing business with U-Haul.
  • Maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction while demonstrating commitment to quality through positive and upbeat customer interactions.

Minimum Experience:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (clear speaking voice, excellent verbal communication, and active listening skills).
  • Ability to prioritize and multi-task, including navigating and using multiple business applications.
  • Successful completion of a job-related assessment is required.

Preferred Experience:

  • One year of customer contact experience in a needs-based sales environment.
  • Experience in a fast-paced contact center environment.
  • 6+ months experience frequently communicating with customers by phone, e-mail, chat, and/or face-to-face.

Work from home requirements:

  • You must have a quiet, private work area.
  • Dependent and child-care arrangements must be made as if you were working in-person at a U-Haul facility. This position does not allow flexibility to be on-call care for others during work hours.
  • All work duties, including initial training, must be performed at your home address.
  • If you want to switch or substitute computers at any time, Manager approval is required.

The following technical requirements must be met to work from home:

*Computer requirements and internet speed will be verified, if interviewed. Additional requirements may apply.

Computer Specifications:

  • Windows 10 or 11
  • 8GB of RAM/memory or higher
  • Processor must have CPU benchmark score of 2,000 or higher

Additional Hardware:

  • Webcam (external or built in is ok)
  • USB headset

Internet speeds:

  • Ping under 100
  • 10mb download
  • 5mb upload

The following is not permitted due to compatibility, performance, security, or other concerns:

  • MAC Operating Systems
  • Internet access through satellite, cellular phone service, mobile wireless network, or similar. e.g. mobile hot-spot, tethering, 5G wireless.
  • Using a Proxy server or third-party network.
  • Computer stick or similar device.
  • Rental, rent-to-own, or public computer/laptop.
  • Working in a public place or using public Internet.
  • Unsecure Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi not managed by the Team Member.
  • Running non-work-related programs while working.
  • Having any other anti-virus installed/in use on your computer while working other than the Company provided anti-virus.

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