If you are looking for work from home jobs with no interview required that you can do at night or any other time, check these out:

Search Evaluator at Welocalize

At Welocalize, you can get paid around $15-$28/hour to evaluate search engines.

You get paid to provide ratings on whether or not a search results are relevant to what is typed in.

Translator at Translate.com

As a Translator at Translate.com, you can get paid up to $30/hour as a freelancer.

Here, you can work anytime of day because you are only required to translate text-based documents like blog posts, transcriptions, etc.

Writer at Textbroker

At Textbroker, you can get paid to write articles for clients as a freelancer.

You can get paid to write based on the quality of your work with OpenOrders, set your own prices with DirectOrders, and join different teams with varying rates with TeamOrders.

You can get paid around $34/hour or $55 to write a 1,000 word article.

Grader at Marco Learning

At Marco Learning, you can get paid to grade student assignments at home.

They pay up to around $16/hour.

You can only apply a certain times of the year though.

You'll need to apply either right before the fall or spring semesters.

A.I. Editor at Daily Transcription

At Daily Transcription, you can get paid to work whenever you want as an A.I. Editor.

With this job, you can work part-time hours anytime you want editing A.I.-generated transcripts for accuracy.

This gig pays $60-$90 p/Hour of material and required 10-30 hours/week of work.

You also only need around 1-2 years of relevant experience.

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