Here are 3 companies where you can get work from home chat and customer support-related jobs with either no interview or no experience:

At, you have two main jobs that you can do as a contractor without experience: Virtual Receptionist and Customer Engagement Rep.

Here are some details of what it's like to work at

Virtual Receptionist Role: This role involves supporting professional clients' offices with tasks like answering questions, taking messages, and scheduling appointments, all from the comfort of your home office. The role offers a chance to develop into an experienced call-handling professional with opportunities for career growth in specialized support team roles.

Customer Engagement Representative Role: This position focuses on building new relationships to educate, support, and fulfill requests from prospective clients interested in new products or services. It involves making outbound prospect calls, setting appointments, engaging with customers, and cultivating new relationships for diverse businesses remotely.

Work Environment and Opportunities: emphasizes an inclusive and supportive global work culture, offering industry-leading wages and opportunities for career growth. The company values idea sharing, promotes leaders from within, and provides a flexible schedule with competitive pay and attractive benefits for both full-time and part-time positions.

Training and Development: Both roles offer specialized training to help employees excel in their positions. The virtual receptionist role focuses on call handling and client interaction, while the customer engagement representative role involves outbound calls and customer relationship building.

Commitment to Employees: is committed to cultivating a thriving, happy community of agents. The company encourages personal development and offers opportunities for growth, recognizing and rewarding performance excellence.

Omni Interactions

At Omni Interactions, you can get paid around $27/hour as a Gig Brand Ambassador to do Customer Service, Tax Support, Financial Services, Insurance Sales, Retail Support, and Healthcare Patient Support.

Here's more information about being a Gig Brand Ambassador at Omni Interactions:

What is a Gig Brand Ambassador (GBA)?: A GBA is an independent contractor who joins the Omni community to find gigs supporting various brands. GBAs provide contact center services, including problem-solving, customer support, answering queries, and making sales.

Work Opportunities and Requirements: GBAs can engage in various types of work, including customer service and sales. To work as a GBA, you need a quiet workspace, a computer meeting specific requirements, a high-speed internet connection, a corded USB headset, and the desire to be your own boss.

Application Process and Eligibility: To apply, candidates can fill out an application on the Omni website. There are no fees charged by Omni to access the platform, complete certification, or work as a GBA. Applicants must meet legal age requirements and be legal residents of the United States. Omni sources GBAs from specific states and accommodates those who spend part of the year in different locations.

Earnings and Scheduling: GBAs are independent contractors, meaning they can choose their hours and have the flexibility to be their own boss. The earnings potential varies based on the gigs and the effort put in by the GBA.


At ModSquad, you can get paid up to $30/hour (according to Glassdoor) to be a moderator as an independent contractor.

Here is more info:

Who are the Mods?: Mods are professionals in customer experience (CX) services, working on the front lines to deliver exceptional customer and community experiences for various brands. They engage in activities like customer support, social media moderation, monitoring content, and playtesting games. Mods operate globally, present in 90 countries and speaking over 50 languages.

Work Environment and Flexibility: As a freelance contractor, Mods have control over their journey, choosing their projects based on interests and knowledge. They work remotely in a private, secure, and noiseless workspace. Mods have the flexibility to set their own schedules and work hours, making it suitable for moonlighters, stay-at-home parents, students, and retirees.

Opportunities and Community: Mods have the chance to work with some of the coolest brands in the world across various industries like gaming, e-commerce, and entertainment. The community aspect is highlighted, with opportunities to meet other Mods and participate in charitable events like Extra Life to raise money for sick children.

Application Process: The page invites potential Mods to apply through an online application process. It also encourages visitors to learn more about the Mods, watch videos featuring them, and check out the Mod Hall of Fame and Mod of the Month pages.

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