You can make up to $300/day online at home using Google with work from home jobs at these companies! Jobs

Datavio (formerly Teemwork) has all sorts of AI-related jobs with two of them being Online Web Evaluators and Search Engine Evaluators.

These jobs pay up to around an estimated $25/hour and don't require an interview, experience, a degree, etc.

They also hire all around the world.


  • Native Korean speakers with good English reading,writing skills
  • Residing permanently in Korea, could complete the whole task in Korea  
  • Strong computer skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Capable of self-management and organizing your time efficiently to complete tasks
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Personal computer running Windows OS
  • Stable, high-speed Internet connection


Based on Glassdoor reviews, pay could be as high as $25/hour.

Appen Jobs

Appen is another company that has Search Engine Evaluator jobs.

Typically these are contractor positions that have availability in different countries around the world.


  • Make Skype phone verification calls to businesses during regular business hours (8am-6pm, Mon-Fri).
  • Access to a personal computer with IE or Chrome browser.
  • Stable internet connection


Depending on the country, it can be anywhere from $6/hour to around $25/hour.

LeadSimple Lead Generation Specialist

At LeadSimple, they sometimes have a Lead Generation Specialist position (available right now as of me writing this) that lets you get paid to search Google for real estate professionals and leads to import into a database for their sales people to call.


No experience or degree seems to be required.

They mostly just want you to be a quick learner.


According to Glassdoor, this job should pay around $36/hour.

Uscreen SEO Outreach Specialist

With this job, you get paid to email different influencers, blogs, etc. in hopes to build a relationship and get them to give clients a backlink for the sake of getting better Google rankings for their websites.


They want you to have about 3 years of related experience and a track record of relationship building with brands.


SEO Outreach Specialist jobs usually average around $30/hour.

Welocalize Jobs

There are 3 main ones to look at that let you make money from Google right now:

  • Search Quality Rater – Evaluate search engine results for relevance to queries.
  • Ads Quality Rater – Evaluate ads in search engines for relevance and quality.
  • Junior Quality Coordinator – Analyze data for quality performance and potentially flag raters.

These jobs can be done in many different countries and languages with part-time hours.

You also get to set your own work schedule!

Qualifications for all

These 3 jobs all have essentially the same qualifications required:

  • Fluency in the language you apply in
  • Strong understanding of popular culture in the country you apply in
  • Must be dedicated only to “Search Quality rating program” and NOT other search or ads rating programs
  • Must not have current or previous experience with “Ads quality rating”
  • Web-savvy and able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent online research skills
  • Reliable computer system and internet connection
  • Reliable anti-virus software (as you will be surfing the web as part of the work)
  • Ability to follow instructions in English and comply with the project conventions and rules expected by the client
  • Must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect client confidentiality
  • Must pass learning modules and a required quality test designed by our client before starting work


Most reviews and estimates are between $10 and $30/hour here.

Telus International Jobs

If you like using Google and doing research check out these jobs at Telus International:

  • Ads Evaluator – Evaluate search engine ads and their relevance.
  • Search Engine Rater – Evaluate whether search engine results are relevant to queries.
  • Internet Safety Evaluator – Review search results for potentially upsetting or offensive material.
  • Online Data Analyst – Evaluate the quality of digital maps online.

Requirements for these jobs:

  • You must be currently residing in the United States (or other country you apply in)
  • You must have familiarity with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media and cultural affairs in the United States (or other country you apply in)
  • Suitable candidate must have full professional proficiency in English Language
  • Experience in use of web browsers to navigate and interact with a variety of content
  • Access to and use of an Android or IOS Smartphone to complete tasks
  • A Barcode Scanner application must be installed on your smartphone to complete certain tasks
  • Active daily user of Gmail and other forms of Social Media


I've seen estimates for these jobs paying anywhere from $14-$42/hour.

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