Here's how to make money from music online 11 different ways.

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1. Stock Music

Sell instrumental music that can be used on podcasts, videos, etc.

Try sites like Premium Beat and Shutterstock.

2. Ads

You can post your music on sites like YouTube and get paid via Google Adsense ads.

3. Digital Sales

Sell individual songs and downloads on major platforms like Google Play, Amazon, and Apple Music.

4. Merch

You've probably seen YouTubers and Twitch streamers sell their own branded T-shirts and other merchandise online.

You can do the same as a musician with sites like Teespring and RedBubble.

5. Super Chat

With YouTube, you could do live shows or just chat with fans using live super chats. This also allows people to essentially donate money to you, ask you questions, etc.

6. Curate Playlists

If you aren't much of a musician, but you have a knack for curating good playlists on sites like Spotify, you can earn some side cash from a site like PlaylistPush.

Here, you can earn about $12 per new song that you allow to be put in your playlist.

You need to have a popular playlist or two on Spotify or another similar site to become a curator though.

7. Rate It

If you like listening to new songs and giving your opinion on them, you can get paid by sites like Slice The Pie and HitPredictor to leave reviews.

8. Music Subscription Sites

If you're an artist who is becoming more popular, you can submit your music to subscription sites like Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal to make some money and build your brand.

9. Lessons

Maybe you don't want to sell music. Maybe you would rather help people learn how to sing or play an instrument while working from home.

You can give music lessons either through video chat platforms like Skype or just invite local students over to your home.

10. Write Songs

If music is your passion but you don't necessarily have that much natural talent for performing, you could write songs and earn royalties from them.

You could submit to sites like ASCAP or competitions like the International Songwriting Competition.

11. Patreon

Another way many creators make money online is through a site called Patreon. This platform allows you to earn money from loyal fans that subscribe to get exclusive content and perks from you.

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how to make money from music online 11 ways

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