If you want something that lets you earn up to $2,000/week with no interview or experience, check out these companies that pay you to deliver medical supplies!

American Expediting

American Expediting, an expedited courier company, is seeking Independent Drivers across the United States to deliver urgent items such as medication, legal documents, medical samples, and high-tech spare parts.

Drivers have the flexibility to use their own vehicles on their terms, and they are not limited to specific areas, making it suitable for those who want to earn money while traveling the country.

These are contractor roles, and income can vary based on hours worked and available tasks.

American Expediting mentions that cars can earn up to $1,200, vans up to $1,500, and box trucks up to $2,000 per week, with no commission cap.

Drivers can also access pay advances to manage cash flow.

Requirements for this opportunity include having a reliable vehicle, a current driver's license, a smartphone, and being at least 21 years old.

Drivers will have the flexibility to choose local, same-day courier jobs that fit their schedules, including days, nights, and weekends.

They will transport time-sensitive packages, including medicine, clinical trial materials, and critical parts.

Benefits of contracting with American Expediting include maximum flexibility, competitive rates, a fuel discount program, growth opportunities, personal safety (only transporting business parcels), weekly payments, and fulfilling work that makes a difference.

To explore this opportunity further, interested individuals can get in touch with Openforce, American Expediting's independent contractor management provider.


CBDriver is a specialized job platform focusing solely on courier driver job opportunities.

Unlike general job sites, it's dedicated to connecting independent contractor drivers with their own vehicles to companies seeking professional drivers for delivery services.

Drivers can find opportunities in two ways: by responding to driver job contract ads or by advertising their driving business for free with a Driver Available Ad.

CBDriver provides additional resources for drivers, including instant email alerts for new job ads in their area, a customizable Driver Profile that can function as a professional resume, and access to various driver resources, such as incorporating a business.

The platform primarily caters to drivers with vehicles such as cars, SUVs, minivans, crossovers, cargo vans, sprinters, covered pickups, and box trucks for local and regional delivery work.

There are also driver ads for those with flatbeds and tractor-trailers.

Driver contract jobs on CBDriver are opportunities for independent contractors (1099), where drivers operate their own delivery business and vehicle.

The compensation varies based on factors like vehicle type, delivery distance, cargo type, and more.

As independent contractors, drivers are responsible for vehicle costs, insurance, fuel, and self-employment taxes.

To search for driver contract jobs, individuals can register for a free CBDriver account and browse job ads posted by companies across the U.S.

There are also listings for full or part-time employee driver jobs with company-provided vehicles.

The specific pay for each job varies, and drivers can discuss compensation details directly with the hiring companies after they've been contacted.

CBDriver also allows drivers to advertise their services for free by posting a Driver Available Ad, including a Driver Profile.

This enables companies in need of drivers to search and contact drivers who meet their requirements.

The Driver Profile includes information such as contact details, vehicle type, background questions, and experience.

Premium account options are available, offering additional features like a “front page” to upload a vehicle picture and highlight qualifications.

Email alerts are sent to registered drivers when new job ads are posted in their area.

Drivers can respond to these ads directly from their email or log in to their CBDriver account to apply.

The platform keeps a record of all applied driver contract jobs, which can be viewed in the driver's account.

Drivers can update their profiles easily through their CBDriver dashboard.

CBDriver offers a premium account upgrade with added benefits such as an enhanced profile, vehicle picture upload, and higher visibility when responding to job ads.

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