In this video, you will learn how to make decisions like successful people do.

If you can get good at the art of decision-making, all aspects of your life will get a little bit better.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here is how successful people tend to make decisions and how you can too:



1. Make biggest decisions early and minimize decision fatigue

Believe it or not, we can't make unlimited good decisions throughout the day, at least without struggling. Top CEOs, presidents, etc. recognize this as decisions fatigue.

Helpful resources:

  • President Obama did this. He would try to pair down decisions as much as possible so he could focus on the ones that mattered most.
  • Steve Jobs wore the same basic outfit everyday and did other things to make sure he kept his mind sharp for work-related decisions.



2. Ask yourself what you’d do if your emotions weren’t involved

I'm not saying you should turn your emotions off, but you should always be aware of them. Look at yourself almost in third person and notice what your immediate emotional reactions are before making a decision.

Helpful resources:

  • This article helps you learn to remove emotional responses from important decisions.



3. Gather as much information as possible but don’t let that paralyze you

You should know the facts before making a decision. Always be well-informed, but at the same time, don't take weeks to make one decision because you're afraid you don't know every bit of data.

Helpful resources:

  • I recommend Google Analytics for gathering all the information you need on your own website or blog.
  • Google Trends is another effective, free tool for gathering information that related more to trends on the internet.



4. Think about the most important things you want to accomplish

Things like your (or your company's) morals, how you want to be perceived by customers, etc. are big things that define us. Don't every go in a direction that compromises your most important values or goals.

Helpful resources:

  • There are some great questions you can ask yourself about your most important priorities in this post.


5. Get outside perspectives from qualified people

Don't just rely on your own thoughts before making a decision. Get outside perspectives from people you trust. Just make sure they're qualified in that area to be good advisers.

“Don't take advice from people who haven't been there, done it, and succeeded.”



6. Refer to a process that works for you

Once you have a routine down that helps you come to better decisions, don't try to just remember it off the top of your head every time. Instead, make a chart, checklist, or something else to reference every time a big decisions must be made.

4 hour workweek decision chart



7. Read a lot

One big thing that helps with decision-making is wisdom. You acquire wisdom from two main things: experience and reading. You'll notice most successful people read daily.

Helpful resources:

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