Here's how to easily make up to $50 per hour watching videos online in 2019.

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  • User Testing – Get paid $10 per 20 min. video test of website or app via PayPal. You can get paid up to $60 per test. Pay is weekly.
  • Rev – Depending on if you do transcriptions, captions, or subtitles, you can get paid anywhere from $0.36 to $3 per audio/video minute. You get paid weekly via PayPal.
  • TryMyUI – Get paid $30 per hour or $10 for every 20 minute video to test sites and apps. You'll be paid biweekly via PayPal.
  • UserZoom – Get paid $10 for every 10-20 minute test. Pay is every 10-14 days or so via PayPal.
  • Userlytics – Make $5-$90 per test online via PayPal. They have a global brand as well if you are not located in the U.S.
  • Userfeel – Get paid $10 per 10-20 minute test weekly via PayPal.
  • Enroll – Get paid via PayPal for website and app tests. Money and time testing can vary.
  • Validately – Make up to $100 per test via PayPal. Pay is weekly. The minimum payout is about $25 per 30 minute test.
  • Fiverr – Do whatever video or other freelancing services you want for a rate you decide on. Get paid pretty fast after completing each gig.

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Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant

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    • Georgia Levy

      Thanks soooo much, Justin. It’s great that you share this and other information. I appreciate it!

    • kian

      Thanks A lot for the opportunity.Awesome!

    • Daniela Agudelo

      Hello Justin, I am very interest in this work method. I have a situation, I am not a US resident. Do you know if I can work with that living in another country? Does Paypal have a problem with that? Are there any political policies?
      Thank you!

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