Many people have no idea where to actually find the right keywords or keyword phrases to help their blog dominate search results.

The objective with this post is to change that and give you an understanding of exactly how to research good keywords for blogging, so that SEO will be a breeze for you.


What You Need To Find Good keywords For Blogging:

  • Computer with internet (obviously)
  • A good blog (obviously)
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Search tab
  • Notepad to write down what I'm going to teach you
  • Creativity

Have A Blog? Identify Your Niche

Before you can even get started on keyword research for blogging, you need to know your niche because if your blog is bouncing around all over the place in random topics, you won't have much of an audience. So, whether you blog about food, fitness, marketing, dogs, relationships, art, etc. just be consistent with it.

Why Research Keywords Before Writing?

If you are wondering what the point is in keyword research, it's for helping more people actually see your content. What good is content without viewers? Whether the purpose of your blog is to make money, inspire people, help people, inform, entertain, etc. you must get people to see it for the purpose to be fulfilled.


Google Adwords

What is it? Google Adwords is great for finding good keywords for blogging because it is a free tool that tells you how much a given keyword is searched per month, as well as giving you alternatives that are similar to these keywords. It even tells you the competition of the keywords you ma be targeting for your blog.

Here's what you do:

  1. Go to Google Adwords
  2. Go to the top at Tools And Analysis
  3. Scroll down and click on the Keyword Planner
  4. Click Search For New Keyword And Ad Group Ideas
  5. Then type in the keyword phrase related to your niche that you may want to write about and click Get Ideas
  6. Then, click the Keyword Ideas tab to see results
  7. Play with it a little and look for keywords that have a few thousand searches a month and low competition (1500-2500 searches per month)
  8. You may want to go for longer tail keyword phrases with more than 2 words to get the competition down.

Note: It's all about being on page 1 of Google. All pages after that won't get you much traffic. It's much better to be on page 1 of a keyword phrase that is searched 5,000 times a month than being on page 10 for one that is searched 500,000 times a month.

Google Search Engine Tactics

So you think you found a good keyword phrase to write about… But, you're not done yet, my friend. Now you need to go search for it yourself in the actual Google search engine to further evaluate the competition.

Go to Google and type in your keyword phrase. Look at the number that says About ___ results. Depending on your blog's authority and page rank, you will need to evaluate where you could possibly rank out of the results and what your target search results number should be.

If you have a fairly new blog that doesn't have much traffic yet, go for about 300,000 or less search results.

Another trick you can use is in the address bar.

keyword research strategies


As shown above, you can go to the first “&” sign and type start=900 and press “enter”. Then it will tell you at the bottom how many results are displayed.

It says this for internet marketing: In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 900 already displayed. Instead of 900, it needs to be less than 500 or even 400 to have low competition and make it easy to rank on page 1.

Page 1 Tip:

There are other tools that you can use to help you find out how good the other results are on page 1 of your keyword phrase. By using tools such as SEO Quake and Market Samurai, you can determine the page rank and other statistics that tell you how good the competition is just on the first page.

That way, you can figure out which spot you have the best chance of getting or what you might need to do marketing wise to propel up a few spots on page 1.

Last Tip For Finding Good Keywords For Blogging

You can also use other ways to find keywords from magazines, other websites, books, etc. One way to bypass a lot of competition is targeting specific company names, people, books, courses, etc. and doing a review or insight about them to get your blog more visitors.

If your website is about business or marketing, you could use sites such as or to blog about companies listed in there that may be on the rise. Or, you could even blog about famous people in your niche like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, etc. Specific topics like that may be exactly what you need to boost rankings.


If you use these strategies all together every time you get ready to blog, you will dominate rankings and see thousands of visitors a day after a while. Keyword research isn't everything though. Make sure you are applying modern SEO techniques and writing good quality content to help your rank as well.

For more on starting a blog, go here.

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