What does wealth mean to you? Is it just being rich or having a lot of money? Or is it something more than that?

By identifying the common traits of wealthy people, you can begin to understand exactly what you must tweak in your life to get the type of results that they do.

What if you could just decide you be wealthy and it happened? Well, it's actually possible.



What Is Wealth?

“Wealth is a vehicle to magnify your deeper personality traits”

Jim Britt

Wealth can be defined differently depending on the person. Your personality can be magnified through your wealth whether you're a good person or a bad one. Good people use money just as a means of achieving greater things and to use it in a way that benefits them and countless others.

Other people may use money just to get power and swim in it to brag about it. Those are the ones that self destruct and become very unhappy, even with the deep pockets they have.

You definitely want to know your reason for making money. Maybe you want to provide a better life for your family, just want to make your own schedule, want to travel the world, want to help others, etc.

No matter what it is, know why you want to become wealthy, so you have clarity of why you should work hard to achieve your goal of becoming successful.

My Top 5 Traits Of Wealthy People:

1. Make A Firm Decision To Become Successful

Unless you inherit a fortune or something, you need to make a firm decision to become wealthy. Mediocrity cannot even be an option and this will create a successful mindset that will set you up for great achievements. Why did I say it needs to be a firm decision?

I stressed that because you cannot expect to accomplish anything if you change your mind about your decision in a week. You must be firm and consistent with what you want and do whatever it takes to get it.

One problem with most people, is that they aren't willing to get out of their comfort zone. They think they have to settle for less and when they complain about not being more successful, you don't see them actually do anything about it. Wealthy people are willing to get out of their comfort zone and do things others aren't willing to do to achieve something greater.

So, make the FIRM decision to become successful, if that is really what you want. You could have the best opportunities in the world, but not make the decision to act and will remain broke.

2. Associate Yourself With Successful People

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

– Jim Rohn

Who do you listen to about your future, your success, and your financial situation? Now, look at the results they get. Are they in the position you want to be in? Are they actually wealthy themselves? If not, why are you listening to them about areas of life they haven't been successful with themselves?

It's time to start listening to and surrounding yourself with people that can give you good advice as well as influence you to succeed. You may not know anyone like that now, but what you can do is start listening to empowering audios, reading books written by great authors on success, being part of a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, finding a mentor that is always producing huge results, etc. Learn more here…

Wealthy people don't take financial advice from a person who is barely getting by or broke. Once you are around and listening to successful people on a daily basis, it becomes contagious and helps you achieve your goals.

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3. Boldness

Procrastination kills and action gets you results. You can't be afraid of failure. The bold-minded will always rise back up from bad decisions, learn from them and turn them into success. Once you have made the decision to be wealthy, you then have to take action to achieve a result.

You can't just wait for the “timing to be right,” you have to go out and act with a bold mindset and be willing to succeed and even learn from mistakes to become wiser.

4. Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs About Money

“You can't attract something you are not in harmony with.”

– Jim Britt

Some people don't like to talk about money. People say, “money isn't everything,” which is true to a certain extent. But, money is what allows us to do great things. Money itself, is just paper that we use to acquire or accomplish greater things.

You need to see the value of money in a positive way. Otherwise, you will always be without money and you may very well suffer because of it.

You need to be okay with the idea of making money and see the value it will bring as a results. It can help you feel more secure about your future. It can help you provide a greater life for your family. It can help you donate to charities to impact thousands of lives. It can give you the lifestyle and freedom to do what you want.

Don't be afraid of making money or act like being wealthy makes you a horrible person, because it doesn't. The world is run by money and without it, how can you achieve greater things and make your impact? Learn to let go of self limiting beliefs by asking yourself certain questions…

Why do you deserve to be wealthy?

What do you believe about money?

How did you come to believe this?

Who taught you to believe that way?

Were they wealthy?

What if it's not true?

Believe that you can be wealthy. A belief is something that you decide is true and can only be overcome by challenging it. Challenge your belief that you can't be wealthy or don't deserve it. Then implant the belief that you can be wealthy by deciding that you truly can  be and deserve to be.

5. Have A Vision

One of the biggest traits of wealthy people is to have a vision. See yourself in the future with the successful lifestyle you want. Envision what the successful version of you would be doing on a regular basis and then step into that version of yourself right now. Successful people always have a vision that is growing constantly as they grow themselves.

If you can visualize where you want to be and what you would be doing at that point on a consistent daily basis, you can start taking the same action now to get that results sooner. Use the vision you have to also motivate you.

Visualizing what they work that you put in will do for you, whether it's allowing you to work from home, take exotic vacations, drive $500,000 cars, etc. can motivate you to take consistent, massive action to achieve that lifestyle sooner than later.

If you think about it, everything in today's world started as a vision or an idea in someone's imagination. Look around the room. Practically everything in the room, made someone wealthy and was a vision in someone's imagination.

The improvement in your life will start with the improvement in your mental pictures. Learn to visualize the outcome using your imagination, before bringing it into reality. Do this, and possibilities can be limitless.

The Traits Of Wealthy People Can Be Yours

Success is something you are preventing, if you don't have it. It's about getting past the mental blocks in your subconscious to create the mindset of a wealthy person. Anyone can have the traits of wealthy people. Just allow yourself to have them and make your goals a reality.

Allow yourself to be successful. You have the right to be wealthy and you know it. The only reason you may not be wealthy yet, is because you haven't yet decided to be wealthy.

What do you think are the most important traits of wealthy people?

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