One of the easiest ways you can make extra money at home, and A LOT of it, is by participating in online focus groups.

These are like high-paying surveys that are used for market research, product ideas, businesses, etc.

A unique site where you can find focus groups and surveys is

This is actually a focus group jobs board.

Here, you can find surveys, focus groups, etc. that usually pay $65-$160/hour ($100/hour avg).

But, you'll also find some that pay $350, $450, or even $600 as well.

Many of these are also remote and can be done nationwide in the U.S.

Also, check out:

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    4 replies to "Make $350 Online Answering a Few Questions"

    • Sang Sang

      Is it available only in the USA or Worldwide?

      • Justin Bryant

        This site is mostly US-based

        • Colleen Miller

          Can you please help me find something that doesn’t need experience and doesn’t need a high school diploma or ged or college degree and will supply the materials please and thank you I need a job asap

    • clemrichie

      hello any opportunity for Africans

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