Here are 6 fast hire $20-$46/hour work-from-home jobs always hiring!



You can make $19-$46/hour proofreading and editing online at

They hire worldwide and you can also work either full or part-time.

2. Cambridge Proofreading

Here, you can make $20-$25 per hour proofreading and editing academic papers, business communications, and more.

With Cambridge, you get flexible schedule are paid twice monthly via PayPal or direct deposit.

A bachelor's degree and some experience is required but there is no interview when applying.

Freelance Writing

3. Textbroker

Here, you can get paid to write articles for clients.

You get paid by the word a up to just over $.05 or so per word, depending on quality.

The amount you earn per article is also dependent on how long the article is.

You don't need experience to apply.

The also can pay you via PayPal.

4. BDG

At Bustle Digital Group, you can earn money as a writer as well.

BDG is the parent company for many different online publications and are constantly looking for people to write good content on lifestyle, beauty, etc.

According to Glassdoor, writers can earn around $25/hour at BDG.


5. TaskHuman

At TaskHuman, you can make money from online coaching.

Most coaches stick to something related to health and wellness, but now they are offering more lifestyle and career-based options.

You can usually earn up to $50 per hour with $26.53 on average.

6. Kickoff

Another website where you can get paid to coach is Kickoff.

Kickoff is more geared towards personal training and fitness.

Here, you can have flexible hours, make your own schedule, and earn up to $7000/month according to their website.

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