Here are 10 no interview work-from-home jobs that pay weekly!

Mystery Shopping

Call Center QA

If you don't mind being on the phone, you can work from home as a mystery shopper.

Mystery shoppers typically will go in stores and evaluate the layout and customer service.

When mystery shopping at home with a site like Call Center QA, you call these stores and fill out a sheet, evaluating their customer service.

At Call Center QA, you can get paid $5 per call which only takes 5-10 minutes each. You also will have flexible hours and weekly pay via PayPal.



If you feel like you have pretty good writing skills for creating articles, you can try writing online for a site like TextBroker.

Here, you can get paid to write articles for different clients even if you have no experience.

You will have to take a skills test though to prove yourself as a writer.

As far as compensation, you get paid by the word and by quality.

For example, a great quality, 1,000 word article might make you $50 or so.

Video Subtitles


Another online job you can do is create subtitles for videos.

This is somewhat similar to transcription except you have to make the transcript text appear in sync with when it is spoken in a video.

At a site like Rev, you can get paid weekly via PayPal to do this kind of work.

For captions, you transcribe text and sync it with the visuals and audio of a video. This pays $0.54-$1.10 per audio/video minute.

With subtitle work, you do the same thing, except you have to translate the text into another language. For example, if it is an English video, you might have to do Spanish subtitles.

Subtitle work at Rev pays $1.50-$3.00 per audio/video minute.



With Athreon, you can get paid to be a transcriptionist.

According to Glassdoor estimates, you could make as much as $29/hour.

All you have to do is listen to audio or video files and type what you hear into text form.

You will need 2 years of experience for this, but will have lots of freedom to make your own hours and work as an independent contractor.

You also get paid weekly, of course.

Legal Proofs

At Legal Proofs, you can get transcription jobs with no experience required, weekly pay via PayPal, and up to $30/audio hour.


TranscribeMe pays $15-$22/audio hour for regular transcription or $60-$70/audio hour for special teams.

They also pay you via PayPal and let you apply for almost anywhere worldwide.


Babbletype is known for market research transcription.

It's another great place to make money transcribing audio online.

Daily Transcription

With Daily Transcription, you don't need experience, but you do need a 50 WPM typing speed.

You get paid weekly and must be located in the US or Canada.


At GoTranscript, you can make up to $.60/audio min.

They also pay worldwide and weekly via PayPal.


At Scribie, you can actually get paid daily for your transcription work.

You can work from anywhere worldwide and there is no experience necessary.

Voice Writing

3Play Media

While you can also do transcription work with 3Play Media, you can also do a new type of work called Voice Writing.

This is when you listen to a live stream and respeak what you hear the presenter saying into a caption-generating software.

These auto-created captions then show up on the screen during the live event so that people that are hearing-impaired or not able to listen to the audio can read along on the screen.

No experience is required.

3Play Media also pays an estimated $10-$30/hour to freelancers.

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