Facebook Graph Search is an awesome little feature that I recently stumbled upon.

It helps take Facebook marketing to a whole new level and allows marketers to find the perfect prospects without any fancy tools or tricks.


Facebook Graph Search For Marketing

When it comes to PPC (pay per click) advertising, you can bet that the more targeted your audience, the more efficient your ads will be. You will only be advertising to those that are most likely to buy what you're selling and you will get more sales from the same ad budget, saving you money in the long run.

Or maybe you are involved in an internet marketing career that requires more of a personal touch. Well, I have good news… When you know exactly what type of people you are looking for, you can go and find them by using the laser targeted Facebook Graph Search to find them.


Examples Of Facebook Graph Search Uses

Lets say you are running a small gym and need new clients to get a membership there to help increase your business. You can actually use Facebook Graph Search to find people that like certain things that would normally be associated with the perfect targeted prospect.

So, in the gym scenario, you can look for people that like certain gyms like Gold's Gym, Planet Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, etc. Sounds great right? But, you can take it even deeper than that. You could look for people that like those gyms and also like My Fit Foods or like shopping at Whole Foods.

Is your gym more catered to wealthier customers? No problem, search for people that like certain gyms, like shopping at organic food markets, and like to drive a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc. That sounds like the perfect client for a small higher end gym right?

Or maybe you want to sell your new music to people on iTunes, but haven't gotten a lot of publicity yet as a new artist. You could run small ads on Facebook to specific groups of people that you think would really enjoy your music.

So, you could use the Facebook graph search to find people that maybe like certain artists that are similar to you. Fore example, lets say you are part of an up and coming rock band and your inspiration for your rock style came from Aerosmith, Guns'n'Roses, and Journey.

Facebook Graph Search

You could get on Facebook, search for people that like any of those bands. Then lets say you are going to be playing live in concert soon in Austin, Texas. If you are a new band or even an old band, people will be more likely to come see you if you perform locally.

So now, you could do a search for people who like Aerosmith, Guns'n'Roses, or Journey and live in Austin, Texas. These people are going to be great for advertising your music to as well as your upcoming local concert.

Now you can contact these people one-on-one or even build an audience and run PPC ads to these laser targeted prospects that would be very likely to be interested in your gym. I know what you're thinking… Why didn't I know about this already?! Well, now you do and it's time to take advantage. Next, you need to know how to get this free Facebook resource.


How To Get Facebook Graph Search

Now that you've gotten a taste of what this resource can do, especially from a marketing perspective, I know you just can't wait to get your hands on and try it out. To get the Facebook Graph Search ability for your Facebook account go to the link below in a separate tab.

Get Facebook graph search here

Then, click the “try graph search” button and follow the directions Facebook gives you. If the button cannot be clicked, it will show a message when you put your cursor on it that reads, “Thanks! You already have Graph Search.” If this is the message you get, then you are all set and it means you already have it and can start using it right away.



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How To Use Facebook Graph Search

Another great thing about Facebook Graph Search is you can use it directly from your Facebook account without any separate tools or software. Did I mention it's free yet? That helps too of course.

To start using this awesome capability with your account, just go to the search bar at the top and start typing a description of what kind of people you are looking for. For instance, back to the gym example we talked about earlier in the post… You can type in “people who like LA Fitness and who like Whole Foods Market”.

Then, it will come up with a long list of the people that fall into this laser targeted search that you have just conducted. Pretty cool right? If you want to use the music artist example, you could type in “people who like Aerosmith and who live in Austin, Texas.

On top of all of this you can even narrow down the search even more. If you look on the right side of the search results, you will find additional filters to laser target your audience even more. For instance you could target just a certain gender, age bracket, whether they have mutual friends with you, etc.

Facebook Graph Search For Marketing

The targeting possibilities with the Facebook Graph Search really are amazing. If you read through this article, try it out and still don't think it is worth using, there's a very good chance you may be insane.

This is some very powerful stuff that could save you a lot of time and money, as well as make you more money if used correctly. All you have to know is who your best prospects are. Then, you just use Facebook to find them and only market to them. When you find your prospects you must then build rapport with them. Read more about building rapport here.



The Facebook Graph Search is an extremely useful tool for marketers and even people may just be searching for their next date or something. From a marketing standpoint, this is the exact type of tool you need to use for helping with your ads, social media prospecting, or even finding future business partners that you think would fit well in your organization.

My advice… Start using the Facebook Graph Search for your marketing today if you want to see bigger and better results, without dealing with thousands of low quality prospects.


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