If you're an internet marketer, you're always looking for ways to get an edge and build your brand online.

One great way to do this is to optimize different parts of your Facebook profile, like the “work and education” tab.

Instead of having just another little description of what you do for a living, you can show people what you do by sending them to your Facebook Fan Page.


how to add facebook fan page to profile work education

As someone that always strives to improve my marketing skills and study the top marketers in the world, I noticed something that most of them tend to do on their Facebook profiles.

Instead, just saying they're an entrepreneur or work from home in their work description, they would encourage people to check out their Facebook Fan Page to see what they actually do.

For some marketers, their Facebook Fan Page is one of their biggest traffic and branding assets on the internet. So, when I saw this technique being used and even learned about it from a Facebook course I studied, I had to do it myself to help increase my page's exposure.

But, I also figured most entrepreneurs didn't know how to do this, so I wanted to give everyone a chance to implement it by following the easy steps I outlined.

How To Add Your Facebook Fan Page To Your Work Description

1. Sign into your Facebook account and go to your profile. Make sure you have a fan page already created.

2. Go to the about tab on the right side and click on the “manage” button in the top right corner of the tab. It looks like a grey pencil.

3. After clicking on manage, click on the option that says “update info”. Then, go to “work and education”.

4. If you have something in this tab as your current occupation already, just put the cursor on it and click the “edit” button to update the info. If nothing is there, just click “add a project”.

5. In the “position” box, type in “Like my fan page” or “CEO and owner” or whatever you want it to say in front of your fan page name.

6. Then, put your city/town that you work in or near in the “city/town” box and check the “I currently work here” box under “time period”. Put  description if you want, I personally did not bother with this box.



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7. In the “where have you worked?” box at the top of the “work and education” tab, start typing in the name of your fan page. If it does not, come up in the search results, just finish typing the name of it. If it does come up, then click on it and you are done. Then just finish typing the name of it and Then, click “save changes”.

8. Steps 8-10 are only used if your page did not come up in results. This can get complicated so I recommend following along very slowly and also watching the video on this post. If it did not come up, open up Firefox if you are not already using it and download the web developer 1.2.5 add-on. Here's the link to go download web developer 1.2.5.

9. After that is installed, go to your Facebook profile on Firefox and go back to the “work and education” tab. Click “edit” and then go to your Firefox toolbar and click on “Forms”. Then, scroll down under “Forms” and click “display form details”. You will now have a lot of coding all over the section you are editing that will be highlighted in red.

10. In the box where it has a picture and the name of your Facebook Page is where you will have to replace the ID number with the ID number of your actual Facebook Page. Now, open a new tab, go to your Facebook Fan Page URL.

If you have not changed the URL to a custom one, your ID number will be above in the URL. The URL will look like: Facebook.com/pages/your-Facebook-Page-name/012345678901234?rf=. The bolded number of that URL example I gave you is the location of your page ID number. It is about 15-16 digits long.

If you had a custom URL setup to where you don't have the ID number in your Facebook Page URL anymore, then switch from your profile to your page by clicking the drop down arrow in the top right corner of Facebook. Then, under the “Use Facebook as” tab, click on the Facebook Fan Page you want to be listed as your work.

Now, go to the “Settings” tab at the top of your Facebook Page manager and then click the “Page Info” tab on the left side. Scroll down to the very bottom and you will see your Facebook Page ID number.

11. When you've found your Facebook Page ID number using one of the methods I showed you, copy it and paste it back on your Facebook profile in the box where the picture and name of your Facebook Page is. It will already have a number their and all you do is replace it with the ID number you copied from your actual Facebook Fan Page.

Finally, click the “save changes” button and go to your Firefox toolbar. Go to “Forms” and then uncheck the “display all forms” option. Then you are finally done. I know you must be relieved after all that.

Now, just to be safe, go to your about section where you listed you Facebook Page under “work and education” and make sure the name of your Facebook Page is clickable. If you followed the steps correctly, you should be able to click it and be redirected straight to your Facebook Fan Page.

If this is the case then you have successfully completed this task and no longer need to worry about it. If it isn't clickable or is not working right, go back and watch the video again and go through each step in this tutorial again very slowly to find out where it went wrong.

If you want to continue creating more branding and business exposure through your Facebook profile, see this tutorial on how to connect your Pinterest activity to your Facebook profile.


As an internet marketer, you always have to be branding yourself and your business. Adding your Facebook Page to your current occupation on your Facebook profile will help get you more exposure for your business. In the end it will create more curiosity and interest in what you really have to offer with your business.


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