So if you are one of the billion people that has a Facebook account and spends time keeping up with friends and other things, have you thought about making money from it? Try taking something that you do on a regular basis like Facebook, and add a good company that pays you and you are well on your way to success.



But, how does this work? How can you actually get paid to screw around watching videos, posting statuses and all that fun stuff? There are 3 main components of Facebook that are free and perfect for making you some extra money for just an hour or two of work.

Your Facebook News Feed

Obviously you have to have something to sell first like an affiliate marketing company's products or your own products, but then you use Facebook to market them. You can start by using your news feed.

Step 1: Create a new post starting by uploading a video or picture. Everything is media based these days and you need to get your post noticed by a lot of people. Try a 5 minute of less video or a picture that either entertains, creates interest, or has a good quote.

Step 2: Write a few sentences, starting with something interesting that captures the attention of your audience. Then, tie it into a story, relating to the topic of the post and the product. Then, at the end, have a link to the product or info about it.

Step 3 (optional): You can even do a small ad or post boost to get more people to see the content through Facebook advertising.

Facebook Logo

Make A Facebook Page

A lot of people that just use Facebook as a place to talk to friends and see what's going on in the world usually don't have a Facebook Page. Facebook Pages are mostly for business or fans of celebrities, but our great for building a following and getting leads or sales. Here's a few tricks you can use to take advantage of a Facebook Page for any online business:

Step 1: Create a new Facebook Page and brand yourself or your business in the profile picture.

Step 2: Add a cover photo with the name of you or your business and a description of what your business is or what you do. Then, add a link in the cover photo, save it and upload it onto your page.

Step 3: Write your first post using the same steps from the news feed strategy and publish it.

Step 4: You might want to get some credibility for your Facebook Page and make it look popular by paying someone on Fiverr $5 to give you a couple thousand page likes.

Step 5: You may also boost posts and run news feed ads on Facebook with your page as well. You can even hold a contest if you wanted.

Facebook Groups Are Helpful

What is a Facebook Group? It's something you can start and invite people to join on Facebook where only members can see the posts and activities within the group. You can have files for people to download, invite members to events or even just have everyone share tips to help each other. Here's some steps to creating a successful Facebook Group:

Step 1: Create a new group and give it a name.

Step 2: Invite friends that you think would be a good fit for the group.

Step 3: Create a description, configure the settings, and add a cover photo for the theme of the group.

Step 4: Make sure you are always adding good content and updates to the group for high engagement.

Step 5: Make a pdf file about the business or products you are marketing in the group and have a link in it to the sales or info page. Then make it available in the “Files” tab of the group.

Step 6: Hold weekly or regular events for your group that are live and can make them feel like they are “exclusive” and give them value in return with a chance to become customers at the end.

Conclusion Of Making Money With Facebook

Obviously this was a basic tutorial of some things you can use to your advantage to make an  extra income stream on Facebook, but it does lay the foundation for a great business. No matter if you sell your own products or service or join a quality company and market their products, you will profit from these Facebook techniques if you just stay consistent.

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