In this video, you will learn about the future of making money on Facebook.

Facebook and its competitors keep tweaking their algorithms and you need to learn how you can adapt to better market your business as well as make money from your Facebook Page.

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Here's how to make money from Facebook now and in the future:



1. Keep people on Facebook as long as possible

Facebook loves Facebook. They want to keep people from leaving their site just like all the other major brands do. This is why they give more reach to images and uploaded videos than links.

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2. Links will be tolerated less and less

Like I mentioned earlier, Facebook wants to keep you on their site or app as long as possible because it makes them more money. So, if you post a link on your page, it won't get seen by many of your fans.



3. Your content will need to be published directly on Facebook

Sharing your YouTube videos on your Facebook Page doesn't work well anymore. They want you to upload the video directly. Sharing your blog posts has the same effect. Facebook would rather you write using Instant Articles.



4. You'll be able to make good money from Instant Articles and videos

Luckily, Facebook is starting to realize that YouTube has an advantage over them in content because it shares revenue with creators. Now, Facebook has rolled out Instant Articles and will have video monetization in the future.

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5. To sell products, collect email subscriptions directly on your FB Page

You can set up tabs on your Facebook Page to allow people to subscribe without you having to post links or anything. Take advantage.

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6. People will need to purchase your products without leaving Facebook

It's still a new concept, but in the future, social media giants like Facebook will probably make it to where you purchase your items directly on Facebook without leaving. There are some early versions of this you can use now.

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Facebook is the third largest site in terms of traffic in the entire world. We should adapt to their changes instead of abandoning the platform because of the incredible traffic potential Facebook has. Just focus on making Facebook money and they will help your page in return.

Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant

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