In this post you will see one of the most in-depth Empower Network reviews from the inside out. Ready to learn more about the Empower Network blog, compensation plan, David Wood, David Sharpe, the products, and if it might just all be a scam?

Is there truth to their success, or is it just hype? What happened in 2013 that made so many people at EN abandon ship? Can you even trust this company or are they on their way down?


Update For 2015:

Wow, what a journey Empower Network has been on. This company has been through every obstacle you could imagine.

They battled merchant account issues that kept them offline for a few months their first year. Their co-founder David Sharpe has to step down because of health concerns.

They went through a period where a big video production marketing campaign for a new blogging app failed.

And yet, they keep rising up, learning from mistakes, owning up to them and using it to create a better company than ever.


Why Some People Turned Their Positive Reviews To Negative Ones About EN:

And it's funny, because a lot of reviews I've seen around the internet of Empower Network, mostly written around the time they hit that rough patch, went from positive to negative. Why?

Because these people had left and abandoned the company they had so much success with at the first sign of turbulence. I guess that says something about who they are, doesn't it?

They claimed in these reviews that Empower Network was done and after their co-founder had to step down, that was the last nail in the coffin.

But, I decided to stick around a little longer, believing in David Wood's vision, to see how they handled such adversity.


Could They Prove The Neighsayers Wrong Once Again?

They had done a great job turning the company around when it started with merchant account issues its first year and went on to break just about every income record for their affiliates in the online business niche.

And let me tell you, they did not disappoint this time around either. They hired a new big-shot CEO, Jonathan Cronstedt. They hired an amazing, corporate marketing team that has worked with some of the best in the business.

They have updated their compliance, reworked their brand, and become a 100% real, profitable company.

Before they were known as kind of a big team website that helped people sell products online, but now they are a real company with a full staff, the talent to create the best digital products and training imaginable and an owner with a vision that is second to none.

With over 140,000 paid customers, over a dozen or more millionaires made, and the most creative, effective business model you will see online, Empower Network is stronger than ever.


Updated Products:

They have been known for having some of the best digital products for home business owners on the internet, even before they hit those rough patches. Now, they have updated them and took them to a whole new level.

Okay, I'll admit… They had good products before, but they went away from what made them so successful in the first 2 years. They tried to hard to change instead of just improving the model that had helped people make so much money with EN.

They have flagship product that is the core of the company that was called the Viral Blogging System. It was so great when they came out with it because it was a simplified version of WordPress (the best blogging platform there is).

The reason the simplified it is, although WordPress is amazing, it is extremely complicated to learn for new people.

And, because Empower Network's goal is for its affiliates to make the most money online possible, they wanted their affiliates to use the power of the best blog without having to learn how to set it up and spend months just trying to make it work right.

So, they simplified it and just set up a WordPress blog that affiliates could use right from day one without having to learn how to do any complicated coding, finding plugins, themes, hosting, etc.

It was a HUGE hit, but EN tried to hard to improve around 2013 and updated to a platform called “Blog Beast” that wasn't as good. They also tried to build an app for it that failed as well.

This was around the time people started abandoning ship at the first sign of trouble, not even giving EN the chance to realize what was going on and fix it. Those people who left weren't very smart.

Now, they went back to a better platform than ever that leveraged the model that made them so successful in the first place. They have the new Kalatu blogging system that is a simplified, optimized and beautiful.

It leverages the power of WordPress and is designed by multi-millionaire marketers for marketers. On top of this, it is offered at a dirt-cheap price, so anyone can afford it without having to start a website from scratch and spend thousands for designers to build it.


The Other Products:

Their other core products, the Inner Circle, Costa Rica Intensive, 15k Formula and Master's Course have all been updated to meet the needs of marketers and business owners for 2015 and beyond.

The Inner Circle is a complete audio system that is updated weekly, containing interviews and training from the top producers in the home business/marketing industry.

It helps you learn from the best, talk like the best and perform like the best by helping your reprogram your mind with the psychology you need to succeed. It has always been a favorite in the industry.

The Top Producer Formula replaced the Costa Rica Intensive as a digital training product, teaching you the ins and outs of marketing, sales and business management. To tell you the truth, I always thought the Costa Rica Intensive was the weakest link of all their products, but this updated version is simply mind-blowing.

One of the affiliates of Empower Network, a Harvard graduate, actually told David Wood after seeing it that it is like a Harvard-level education in internet business. That should tell you it's power.

The Team Building Formula, replacing the 15k Formula, takes you to a whole new level from the previous products I've mentioned. It goes beyond the ideas of what makes you successful and gives you the actual laws of building massive teams of successful people.

if you are trying to turn your business into an empire that works for you around the clock, around the world creating income and success like a machine, this product will help you build that.

The Mass Influence Formula, replacing the Mastermind Course, gets into a whole new level of psychology, influence and persuasion that helps you take even the most unproductive team of people and turn them into action-taking, unstoppable entrepreneurs that can accomplish anything.

They also have bonus resources to help you out in your everyday business-building with Media Hosting, Live Events for having fun and networking, completely built and tested marketing funnels, etc.


My 2015 EN Review Verdict:

With a company that:

  • Pays you almost 100% commissions on what you sell
  • With payouts as big as $3,000 per product sold
  • 20% commissions from the sales of your referred members
  • An owner with a vision of creating 100 new millionaires a year
  • The most simplified marketing process possible
  • The best marketing and sales funnels in the industry that are tested daily for maximum conversions
  • Unlimited resources, training, mentoring and much more…

If you can't build a successful business with Empower, you can't build one anywhere. Period.

Get Started With Empower Network Today And See For Yourself


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Okay So What Is Empower Network?

It is a viral internet business company that takes the technical aspect out of building a business so that it is more user friendly and gets you results x10 faster. The concept was invented by none other than David Wood and David Sharpe. Two different style marketers that took over the industry with their unique styles.

 Listen To Empower Network Co-Founder David Sharpe Talk About The Rise Of The Company In Its First Year

You can play the audio here

They had the vision of taking away all of the technical aspects that go with creating a business like how to set up a WordPress blog, create capture pages, set up sales funnels, manage a website, etc., while getting even better results than you would if you knew how to do all that.

Press Play To Take A Tour Of Empower Network

empower network tour

Another problem with many businesses online, especially in affiliate marketing, is you may make a lot of money every month, but your team probably won’t. Another thing Empower Network does is make it easy for your team members, as well as you make large sums of income online without having to recruit thousands of people.

Why don’t you have to recruit thousands of people to be successful with Empower Network? Because David Wood and David Sharpe decided to pay its members 100% commissions. No, that is not a typo, I said 100% commissions.

So now you may ask, “That’s great, but how do the founders of the company make money if they pay everything to members?” It is simple, they market the business just as the rest of the members do.

They put in the work and use what they created for us, to make thousands of dollars per day online. That’s one of the reasons they accept zero excuses, because they are proving everyday that the system they put in place works and are always tweaking it to make it better.


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3 Things You Need For Online Success

You need to be able to get traffic, leads and sales conversions consistently. Let me just put this in perspective for you… You cannot have one and not the others to have a successful business.

Now, you can be successful with a lot of traffic and good sales conversions, but usually there is a middle ground their because most people won’t buy anything right away. That is why you need leads. Because the fortune is in the followup, in which you followup on leads by emailing them daily.

But, you absolutely cannot have traffic without good conversions, or good conversions without traffic in an online business. Because, you can have all the traffic in the world and have horrible sales conversions, so the traffic is a waste and you’ll be broke.

You can have the best sales conversions in the industry, but if there is no traffic or potential customers, it won’t matter and you’ll still be broke. You need the perfect combination of them all. To get traffic, leads and sales consistently, you need the right tools and powerful sales funnels.

With Empower Network, you get a blog that is second to none with some of the best training you can possibly get in all aspects of internet marketing. That gets you the traffic. With the highly converting capture pages and funnels, that Empower Network supplies for you, you get the leads and sales conversions at a high rate.

All of what comes with Empower Network combined with our team’s done-for-you traffic, training, and tools, makes earning a lot of money online a walk in the park. The marketing training and tools are so powerful, that you don’t even have to use it for just Empower Network.

You can apply it to any business because every single business needs advertising and marketing. This makes your possibilities endless. Oh, by the way this industry-changing system is technically worth $1,591.22, but right now, you can get it today for $25.

On top of that, it’s FREE if you refer one person to buy it. After that, it is all profit. Oh, and this $25 offer could be taken away sometime in the next 7 days, so you might want to get it while it’s cheap.

How Popular Is Empower Network?

alexa empower network

As you can see above, Alexa has ranked Empower Network as #275 in the entire world. That’s out of about 800,000,000+ sites online just to put it in perspective for you. It is ranked at 85 in the entire U.S. in traffic as well, proving Empower Network is a force to be reckoned with.

It keeps rising week after week and could be in the top 50 before we know it in the entire world. This is also less than 2 years since Empower Network was born. It really is astounding.

With over 160,000 members and top marketing businessmen flocking from diverse places to become apart of the Empower Network movement, it is easy to see how legitimate this company is in the business world.

Let’s Get Down To Money

Now you see how popular this company is becoming, but you may not fully understand why it is so popular just yet. The Empower Network comp plan is like nothing most entrepreneurs have ever seen before.

In the old days of mlm and online business, you had to make thousands of sales to make significant money. The payout would be maybe 20 or 30% and the commissions were minuscule.

Empower Network Comp Plan Explained

empower network comp plan

As you can see, you make your money back right away on the Empower Network products on your first sponsored sale, and then after that it is all profit. Plus, you make commissions off of your down-line starting at 50% of their first 6 sales, and then 20% of the rest until infinity.

This also goes unlimited levels down, so you can have money coming in anytime throughout the day without doing any work at all. In fact, they paid out $1,000,221.20 in their first 3 weeks to members just like you and me.

Do You Need Empower Network?

Most people just work a job their whole life and retire, just to have nothing to show for it. Being an entrepreneur is your other option. But starting your own business can be a 5 year process with your fair share of headaches and struggles along the way.

After a colleague of mine did a month’s worth of research and analysis of Empower Network to make sure it was as great and legitimate as the founders said it was, we concluded it was the perfect company for new and experienced entrepreneurs.

Here’s why you and everyone else might want this:

  • It has arguably the top blogging platform on the internet.
  • It teaches you exactly how to get traffic, step by step through videos. (including basic and advanced strategies for any level of businessman)
  • It has tested, highly converting capture pages to get countless leads.
  • It has a funnel that is highly converting and sells itself. (Conistently updated for best results)
  • It has personal development training that helps you bring out the best of yourself everyday in life and in business.
  • It flat out gets you results for any business with any products or services.
  • It helps your team members succeed along with you and get started quickly.
  • Empower Network is constantly updating its website, adding new tools for members such as web hosting and social media integration, and is always building and innovating to separate itself from all the other companies.
  • It’s the perfect company for beginners in business because their are hardly any technical aspects that need to be learned and the payout is the best in the industry.
  • There are even live regional events every 3 months where you can meet other members in person, build lasting relationships, and even meet the founders of the company while receiving big contest prizes and doing different live training.

Seriously though, instead of thinking of all the reasons why you should be apart of this community of success, it would be harder to think of a reason not to join. The power of this company is magical and I’m so blessed to be apart of it. I know you’ll feel the same way.

Watch David Wood Show You How Empower Network Works

Press the play button above

Now just seeing this page has gotten you a limited time special opportunity. You see, we have a team of some of the most successful members of the company come together and build a system that compliments Empower Network perfectly.

We added tools and extra training that isn’t in the Empower Network back office. What our team does is get new members started x2 faster than just using Empower Network alone.

Here’s A Tour Of The Team Headquarters & The Bonuses In Store For You

ipas2 review and tour

Learn more about the team here

Press Play To Watch This Private Video

These bonuses and team activities are extremely powerful and can’t be shared with everyone. In fact, the doors have been closed to join for new members. But, you’re in luck because through this page, you can be apart of the team for free.

Personal Bonuses For Joining Justin Bryant

On top of that, I have my own personal bonuses including an ebook that teaches you how to market any business using countless free strategies that work, my assistant and I will even help you get set up as well as make money as quickly as possible, I’ll help you get your blog to the top rankings because of my skills in blogging, and I’m even giving my team members a lead capturing tool for Facebook that will get you thousands of targeted leads given to you for free from me.

If you become a member of Empower Network through this page, you can use the entire team system and be apart of our small community of successful entrepreneurs for no additional cost at all. So, you better get your spot quickly before I have to take this offer down and the opportunity will be gone for good.

Click Here For More Info On The Team

To Try Empower Network Yourself for $7, Click Here


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