In case you missed it or didn't have time to listen to the whole thing, here are some notes I took from the key points of the 11/23/22 DRIP Network AMA with Forex Shark and what part of the video you can find them in:

My video and the original live stream are embedded below!

  • 03:30 Not one person owns more than .7% of supply of DRIP supply, great distribution of holders, lack of concentration at the top, even during peak bear market.
  • 06:00 Adding future DRIP utility, make it easier to claim DRIP & put into other things instead of selling, keep in ecosystem, new UI coming
  • 09:00 It’s expected bear market, cycle, previous highs usually 3x more than previous all-time highs, then another correction around $60k for Bitcoin, many times 80-90x correction in crypto, then 3x all time high, crypto cycle, cycles are great for new users and DCAing, doesn’t think cycles will continue forever, due to greater growth than any other market, 
  • 15:00 Animal Farm pays yield in a way that has never been done before and DRIP has payed more than any other project in DeFi, you can earn almost 4000x by end of year by compounding daily while price has not gone up or down 4000x
  • 17:00 core mechanics will not change for DRIP Faucet, Reservoir, etc. just new layers and utility. Many projects changed things during bear cycle or other things and end up failing
  • 20:00 future improvement? Possible to claim drip tax free if being put into farm. It can be done 
  • 28:00 fiat on ramp, updates, coming
  • 30:00 automatically get metamask, bsc, buy drip for beginners who know nothing
  • 33:00 community can help: team leaders give value to team other than airdrops – make private videos for team only – this is what team viewer is for – if net positive, they get your content – private telegram group
  • 40:00 Forex Shark makes no money off dev fees – it’s for the community
  • 42:00 Increasing minimum deposit possibly, maybe not 
  • 43:00 Paying more attention to AF lately – because its new!
  • 53:00 Marketing firm in the next month or two will go full throttle – works with major ETFs and Hedgefunds
  • 56:00 DRIP insurance could be in the future to protect you against hacks or something
  • 1:00:00 They will never make something to provide utility to one that could take away from another
  • 1:02:00 DRIP AF partnership vault that could pair drip with dogs or pigs and earn BNB that adds value to both (potentially)
  • 01:05:00 Bloomberg reached out and wanted Forex’s take on FTX, Big YouTuber reached out
  • 01:10:00 You want to get in when focus is off the project because that’s when you get the bargains, especially when you know big things are coming
  • 01:11:00 No interest in creating new tokens, maybe a couple of exceptions because they would add value to existing ones, but mostly no interest, just more and more utility
  • 01:13:00 All core mechanics with drip will stay the same and they’ll just add additional utility on top, hasn’t made dates for future stuff because he won’t until they are 100% done

My breakdown:

Original AMA Live Stream:

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