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It's the Operations Assistant position at Chaser.

Chaser is an accounts receivable automation software.

Here are the job details:

Operations Assistant at Chaser

What you'll do:

Human Resources, People Ops, Culture:

  • Complete on-boarding and offboarding tasks for new starters and leavers, including contracts and inductions
  • Manage the HR admin software system, tracking sick days, annual leave days, etc.
  • Organise and plan all company meetings including standup, stand down, and the monthly company updates
  • Organise company and team building events, virtually and in person
  • Plan bi-annual performance reviews for the company and ensure the team actively uses the performance tracking tool (Lattice)
  • Carry out employee engagement surveys
  • Oversee performance evaluations processes
  • Plan training sessions
  • Carry out health and safety assessments for all the staff working from home
  • Ensure policy updates are reviewed by staff and signed
  • Help oversee OKRs software and management
  • Set up a branded recruitment process that is consistent with Chaser’s values including the process in which we interview, speak to candidates and accept/reject their applications.


  • In accordance with current structures, organise all files within the company drive setting a file naming convention including company policies, team photos, employment contracts, job applications, etc.


  • Accounts payable: Track and file all payables for Chaser. Track what the spend is for and keep a directory of all that information.
  • Accounts receivables: Ensure all the credit control of Chaser, using the Chaser application, to ensure minimal receivables.
  • Payroll: Liaise with the accounting team on all payroll ensuring bonuses and commissions are paid correctly each month.
  • Oversee all reconciliations of outgoings, file receipts and track accordingly.
  • Assist with payments, employee expenses.
  • Assist the external accounting team with any questions.
  • Monthly billing for our services such as Collections and Outsourced Credit Control.
  • Remittance tracking and processing.

Legal & Company Secretarial

  • Working with external solicitors, keep a repository of all legal documentation (GDPR, privacy policy, terms & conditions, employee contracts, etc), ensuring they are consistent with law changes and up to date.
  • Manage trade mark applications processes, oversee renewals with pensions regulators, ICO, etc.
  • Assist the CEO with all follow ups and tracking of employee share options, getting signatures of shareholders, etc.


  • Hold the inventory of all company-owned hardware – General office duties to include: equipment monitoring, workstation support, management of offices supplies and stock control
  • Set up upgrade schedules
  • Ensure antivirus and security parameters are on all computers
  • Shop for and purchase equipment as necessary
  • Set up and implement policies for phones, etc.
  • Ensure good management of files saved in the Cloud, set up file naming conventions and policies against saving content on PCs
  • Track and manage the password management tool as well as the IT security management tool.

Software you'll learn and use:

  • Chaser
  • Lattice
  • Bright HR
  • Docusign
  • Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Meet, Calendar, Drive)
  • Toggl
  • Slack
  • Deel
  • Xero
  • Outlook
  • HubSpot



  • Live by Chaser’s values of Care, Candidness, Commitment, Celebration and Courage.
  • You are discreet and trustworthy, as you will gain access to highly confidential information.
  • You are passionate about helping businesses succeed.
  • You take initiative and enjoy proactively solving problems.
  • Highly personable, you have the ability to generate excitement and motivation in employees.
  • Your verbal and written communication skills are second-to-none.
  • You have exceptional organisational skills.
  • You are kind and empathetic.


  • You’ve worked in a startup / high growth environment.
  • You have knowledge and experience in using a variety of software so that learning our software would not be difficult for you.
  • Charismatic, driven and results-driven.


  • Work from home
  • Pro rata days annual leave, plus national holidays
  • We believe in celebrations so you get your birthday as a day off 🙂
  • NEST pension scheme
  • Company gift boxes!
  • We believe that you deserve a life full of energy and well-being – so we’ve signed up to Juno, a workplace support programme that provides health and wellbeing benefits. Regular team staff outings; this year we went ice skating, dart throwing and played crazy golf, as well as had a few team lunches!
  • Employee share option plan for full time employees


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