In this video, I'll show some top strategies for building a brand online that are current and working right now.

These strategies have formulated from my own experiences, what other top influencers have done, and what research shows.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here are the top tips and apps to use:



1. Choose the right social media platforms

Know where your audience hangs out and get in front of them. Don't try to just be on every single platform.

Helpful resources:



2. Put out valuable content consistently

Help people a little bit every day or every other day and they will begin to love you for it.

Helpful resources:



3. Guest post on top industry blogs

This is one of the best ways to grow your brand and get in front of millions of people quickly.

Helpful resources:



4. Have a great first impression using credibility

Use credibility indicators like awards, degrees, accomplishments, companies you've built, etc. to show people you are worth listening to.

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5. Show your audience you actually care

Respond to comments, answer their questions, make helpful content, and people will be a lot more loyal to you.

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6. Over-deliver on everything

Don't make things good enough, be better than the competition. Give people more than they expect.

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7. Consider creating your own niche to dominate

Like Tim Ferriss did with “lifestyle design”, it may be better to combine parts of niches or just create your own, so you can dominate it.

Helpful resources:



8. Be consistent

Keep your social media handles consistent across platforms. Also, consistently post content on the same days weekly and stay on topic without getting too random with what you cover.

Helpful resources:

  • Example of using same handle across social platforms with Pinterest and Twitter



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