Check out the Customer Success Manager position paying around $78k-$85k/year at Animalz.

Animalz is a content marketing services company.

About this role:

This role requires a person who cares deeply about the customer experience. Who understands deadlines aren’t just dates on a calendar – trusted advisor to the client and a sounding board with internal teams.

This role reports to the Director of Customer Ops and works closely with a team of Content Managers, an Editor and a Strategist to help companies leverage content marketing to realize their growth potential by producing opinionated strategy and valuable, original, authoritative content that serves the needs of their audience. 

You’re a fit for the Customer Success Manager role if:

  • You hold the customer experience as your North Star
  • You are detail-oriented and systems-driven
  • You don’t get flustered in a little bit of chaos, high level of resilience
  • You can control conversations by setting clear agendas, and sticking to them
  • You love collaborating with customers and team members to help them reach their full potential
  • You have a growth mindset and are infinitely curious, and happy to be coached
  • You enjoy being an early member of a new team, building out process, addressing areas of opportunity and giving feedback fearlessly across the org
  • You have experience in Content Marketing principles and strategies
  • You have Customer Management experience and can juggle multiple client requests
  • You have experience analyzing customer data and providing actionable insights to the internal team or the customer.
  • You have familiarity with CRM systems

Your responsibilities

  • Serve as the proactive main point of contact for all clients on your team, leading monthly calls, sending and responding to emails and Slack messages and nurturing the customer relationship.
  • Follow customer journey touch points to ensure that our communication and customer management is best in class.
  • Coordinate across team members to ensure that customer needs are proactively met, ensuring that all customers have the resources needed to be successful (the best fit team member assigned, deliverables consistently planned and executed on)
  • Manage clients throughout the customer journey from onboarding to retaining, upselling, re-onboarding them if/as new points of contact come on and project managing them through any bumps.
  • Identify and close upsell opportunities.
  • Systematically report on client deliverables and success, identifying blockers and potential problem areas and working to resolve them transparently and collaboratively.
  • Document and share best practices with your team and the company.
  • Make it easy for all stakeholders to stay up to date on client feedback and needs by taking detailed notes, keeping the CRM up to date and tagging team members as needed.
  • Ensure that value is being delivered to the customer, are we helping them achieve their goals and business outcomes. We do this by reflecting on the reporting results, and analyzing the impact that our work is having on our customers business.
  • Make client recommendations by consulting internally with the strategy team on the outcomes we are achieving for the customer with the strategy that has been set in place.

Visit our careers page to view additional openings at Animalz!

About our benefits:

  • Work from anywhere you like, as long as you have overlap with EST hours
  • Flexible, asynchronous team member and customer communication
  • For US-based team members: health insurance (80% company paid) plus dental and vision insurance (99% company paid)
  • 20 paid vacation days per year
  • 5 paid floating holidays per year
  • Unlimited sick time
  • Unlimited personal time
  • Paid parental leave
  • Monthly wellness and lunch stipends
  • Learning opportunities like internal workshops, talks, and attending conferences
  • Customized career growth and goals set and tracked monthly


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