Here's how to make $100 a day online without investment using 5 different ways. All you need is either $12.50 per hour for 8 hours/day or $25 for 4 hours per day.

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1. Plus500

Plus500 is a CFD trading site that pays you $200-$800 per referred trader or 20-30% of monthly gross revenue.

This company pays you via PayPal and the minimum earnings to cash out is $150.

This is also a Europe-based company that doesn't accept US traders.

2. Villiers

Want to get paid every time someone takes a private jet flight? With Villiers you can do just that with 30% total profit commissions for the lifetime of each client you refer.

You could easily make hundreds or thousands of dollars per flight for each person.

3. Regal Assets

At Regal Assets, people can invest in precious metals and YOU can earn up to $100 per qualified lead on top of 1-3% commissions on investments.

By the way, the average investment is $20,000-$90,000 with a $90,000 commission being the largest one earned from an affiliate.

Their supported countries include the U.S., Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.


With Udemy, you can earn up to (reportedly) around 40-50% commissions off of online course sales.

You commission percentage may depend on the volume of traffic your get as well.

5. LiquidWeb

Just like many other web hosting companies, LiquidWeb has a really high-paying affiliate program.

You can earn $100-$900 per sale with a $230 average commission.

On top of that, you pay isn't based on volume. So, if you get one sale a year, you still get the same commission as someone who gets 100.

6. Net-A-Porter

If you have more of a fashion-related brand, I recommend checking out Net-A-Porter.

This site pays you up to 6% commissions on net sales (not including things like taxes and shipping) of VERY high-end fashion (like $1,000 for a pair of shoes high-end).

7. Sandals

If you've looked at taking a luxury vacation to the Caribbean, you've probably heard of Sandals Resorts. What you may not have known is that Sandals has a nice affiliate program as well.

You can earn 4% commissions off of things like resort stays and private dinners at their different locations. And those are some expensive vacations.

8. James Allen

If you have more of a wedding/relationship-related brand, you could become an affiliate for James Allen.

James Allen is a company that has lots of big ticket wedding and engagement products. They also have an affiliate program that pays you 5% commissions.

Their average sales are around $6,500, which makes their average commissions around $275.

Does that get your attention?

9. MediTravels

MediTravels is a medical tourism company which basically means they help people get treatments and medications outside of their home country because of high prices, healthcare insurance issues, or unavailability.

As a MediTravels affiliate, you can earn a $100 commission for every referral that books a treatment. Their conversion rates are reportedly very high as well.

10. Amazon Associates

Then, of course, we have Amazon Associates.

Now, you may wonder why I have them on the high-paying affiliate program list…

It's because Amazon actually has a lot of items that are very expensive on their site now.

For instance, you can buy Rolex watches for around $9,000. Imagine getting commissions off of purchases like that!

With Amazon paying you up to 10% commissions based on the product category and your volume of sales, some of those high-end purchases can add up!

Plus, just about everyone on Earth has their credit card on file with Amazon already.

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