Here's how to make $100 a day online without investment using 5 different ways. All you need is either $12.50 per hour for 8 hours/day or $25 for 4 hours per day.

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1. Teach English Online

At VIPKid, you can make up to $22 per hour teaching English to kids via video chat. You also get to pick your own hours.

At GoGoKid, you have a similar platform. You get paid up to $25 per hour to work from home teaching English online.

Also, you have a site like SayABC that pays you up to $19 per 40 minutes. Hour are very flexible here as well.

With all of these sites combined, you should be able to get enough work to make $100 per day or more.

These sites also make it easy for you by providing a lot of templates and lesson plans.

2. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you can make money using a combination of free websites from either or Weebly, YouTube videos, social media, and other ways.

To do this without investment, you'll need to either have a free website with traffic to help you get approved for programs like Amazon Associates and Etsy, or just sign up for a site like Clickbank that doesn't require one.

Either way, to keep this process free of cost, you probably won't be able to collect emails (which is how top affiliates make their money). This matters because it means your conversion rate of visitors to customers will be much lower than people who use email to market to subscribers over time.

To increase conversion rate

To make your conversion rate better, I recommend you make content that is geared towards reviews and comparisons of the different products you're an affiliate for. This way, you would attract an audience that is close to buying something and therefore more likely to click your affiliate links.

Either way, you should still upgrade your website and get an email marketing service like GetResponse later on when you can. This will dramatically improve your results.

3. Freelance Services

What's nice about freelance services is you can just make money from the skills you already have and you don't need to make a website.

Sites like UpWork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour have more freelance jobs available than you could imagine and you can just create a profile for free to get started.

Many top freelancers make $100 per hour or more once they've built their profile's reputation.

4. Selling Online Info Products

Another way to make money online without investment is to sell info products. These can include eBooks, courses, etc.

The key is to not have to sell them on your own website because that would almost certainly cost money.

For ebooks

For eBooks, I recommend Kindle Direct Publishing. This is the free service that lets you self publish ebooks and sell them on Amazon for up to 70% royalties.

For courses

For courses, I recommend a site like Udemy if you want to avoid the costs of having your own website. Udemy takes a commission on your sales, but lets you host your courses on their site.

5. Sell Digital Art and Merch

Last but not least, you can sell digital art and merch (like t-shirts and coffee mugs) online without spending much money at all.

For digital art

One thing you can do is open an Etsy store and sell art that is available via direct digital download. This means when people pay for your design, they download it and can print it off themselves however they please.

With this method, you don't have to deal with packing, shipping, ordering, or any of the costly hassles that come with selling typical art.

For merch

Another option is to sell merch on a print-on-demand site like Teespring. Here you can just create a design and have it sold on T-shirts, mugs, towels, hoodies, and much more without ever having to handle anything yourself.

Teespring lets you host your purchase page on their site and takes care of the printing, packing, shipping, and customer support for you. In exchange, they take a commission of your sales. A very fair deal!

Of course, to create these designs without investment can be difficult. You'll probably have to do them yourself.

Designing without investment

What you can do is use free alternatives to popular graphic design software. For instance, you can use Pixlr instead of Photoshop and Inkscape instead of Adobe Illustrator.

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How to Make $100 a Day Online Without Investment

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