In this video, you'll learn about the 5 best YouTube channel ideas for making money long-term.

If you want a video channel that can support you with a full-time income, these are some of your best bets.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here are some great choices for sustainable YouTube channels:


What makes a good YouTube channel:

  • You need an endless supply of video topics.
  • You need to entertain or inform with your videos.
  • Videos must be advertiser and user-friendly.
  • Your strategy should be to go for medium traffic and high CPM or very high traffic and low CPM.

1. Reviews and comparisons channel

A reviews and comparisons channel will always have new content that you can use for videos because new products are always being created. It's great for creating a high CPM as well.

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2. Tutorials channel

Tutorials are some of the most popular videos on YouTube because using video to teach someone makes it easier to learn, in many cases.

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3. News channel

When your topics are based on news, you will never run out of topics for videos. This is key for long-term YouTube success.

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4. Gaming channel

If you ever wanted to play video games for a living, here's your chance. Many gamers do it on YouTube by recording gameplay. New video games are always coming as well.

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5. Guest speaker / interview channel

Guest speaker and interview channels are not as well-known as many other types of channels, but they are some of the most powerful when done correctly. You can publish more content than anyone when you aren't the one talking in all the videos.

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    • shailesh shakya

      You’re great! I have read your whole article and found it helpful… However, there are many other channel ideas but I think that the above-mentioned ideas are best to start with and earn money.

      Thanks for sharing this post

    • Beginner Tuts

      I’m already making tutorial videos on youtube. i’ve almost reached 15k subscribers. thanks for the article

    • xXTaZeMaStErXx

      Well I only got 54 subs and I’ve been trying my hardest and can y’all help me out?

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