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Social Media Specialist at Interaction Design Foundation

What you will be doing

You will help us achieve our vision of becoming the best and most recognized design school on the planet. We’re not just saying that. We take our job and mission very seriously, and have come a long way on that road so far. Ahead of you is a highly rewarding and enriching journey on which you will:

  • Share engaging educational content with our online audience of over 750,000 people.
  • Develop and implement social media strategies for Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF), focusing on driving engagement and growth.
  • Help our online audience find the resources they need from our vast library of courses and open-source literature.
  • Research and develop strategies to expand IxDF's social media presence on new channels like TikTok and YouTube.
  • Optimize and perfect every element of how we engage with our online audience, from the copy in our social media posts to the tools and processes we use to maintain conversations with our users.
  • Manage, track, and report on all activities and results. Even though social media and online conversations are primarily qualitative, we strive to leverage data to measure impact, validate assumptions, and improve strategies for better outcomes.

If you’re hungry to develop yourself professionally, you’ll find huge potential within our team to learn and grow continually. Overall, if you’re ready to help our community and, in turn, change the future of education, then congratulations—you’ve come to the right place!

About you

  • You have several years of experience as a social media specialist on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • You're knowledgeable about popular social media platforms, staying up-to-date with their nuances and technical capabilities. You stay ahead of social media algorithms to enhance our organic social media performance.
  • You are a data-driven professional focusing on content that moves the needle.
  • You have an eye for detail, an empathic nature with a deep desire to help people and a natural drive for perfection.
  • You are proficient in prompting different AI tools such as ChatGPT to optimize your work processes.
  • You are a convincing and compelling communicator who can advocate effectively.
  • You are a great conversationalist who is highly socially intelligent and loves encountering new people and perspectives. 
  • You know what ownership of a task means and how to deliver it.
  • You are fluent in written English with exceptional writing skills, perfect grammar, and an appreciation for the power of tone, brevity and microcopy.
  • You have a keen eye for content, and you can quickly understand what type of content is meaningful, appropriate and useful in each situation or each platform.
  • You are hungry for efficiency and constantly looking for ways to maximize your results arising from the time you spend on a task.
  • You enjoy working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment where each day is different.

Bonus points

You get bonus points if you …

  • have experience working with YouTube and TikTok.
  • have experience working remotely.
  • like to design your posts with stunning visuals and cool animations.
  • have a passion for, or are proficient in design.

What we offer

  • full-time, fully remote position with one of the world’s largest online design schools.
  • Regular video-based contact with your colleagues; you will get to meet them in amazing locations on team trips 1–2 times a year.
  • The chance to impact the lives of tens of thousands of designers worldwide and put smiles on their faces as you ease their learning journeys.
  • The opportunity to supercharge your collaboration skills and communication, working across departments and geographies to deliver outstanding results.
  • The opportunity to do your life's best work—if you’re willing to invest the required effort.
  • A company culture of learning and excellence—coupled with care and respect. Your colleagues will support and help you learn, just like you’ll help them!
  • competitive salary – we pay competitive salaries based on your location and local economy.
  • home office allowance and a laptop to optimize your workspace.
  • 5 weeks (25 days) of paid vacation per year to do whatever makes you happy, rested and fulfilled.
  • Work from home, a co-working space or anywhere else—and create your own work schedule. You enjoy complete freedom as long as you continuously deliver great results.


Engineering jobs at DuckDuckGo

These jobs mostly pay around $170,000/year.


Our core values — build trust, question assumptions, and validate direction — underpin how we work day-to-day and the support we give our team members. We strive to empower our team members to be self-directed and self-motivated in their work.

  1. Remote First, Always: We've always been a fully distributed company with team members all over the world. We trust you to get your work done wherever, and whenever.
  2. Commitment to Personal Growth: Every team member has an annual budget of $1,250 USD to invest in their professional development. Every team member also has a dedicated Career Advisor, who serves as a guide to help you develop your strengths, identify your motivations, and understand your opportunities for growth.
  3. Leadership: We have many different types of leaders and possible combinations of leadership roles, so you can grow your career in a way that aligns best with your personal goals. You can seek additional leadership roles by being directly responsible for projects, taking ownership of areas of the company, developing and maintaining internal processes, or pursuing advisory roles.
  4. Work/Life Balance: Team members have the freedom and flexibility to organize their own work schedules. We want you to thrive both in and out of the office. We trust you to use good judgment and take the time off that you need to bring your best self to work.


Technical Support at QuickMail


💻 Work remotely, and join us for our yearly team retreat In Thailand.

👐 Join a meritocracy, no politics needed (nor welcomed)

📖 We practice open-book management (understand how the business works and why what you work on really matters for our clients)

Company 🚀

QuickMail is one of the leading cold email outreach solutions for sending business-to-business cold emails. It is used by small and medium businesses worldwide to reach out to potential clients and grow their businesses.

Our clients are composed of Entrepreneurs, Founders, Growth Marketers & Agencies.

QuickMail was started in 2014. We are 100% self-funded and composed of a small group of highly driven co-workers.

About the role

As part of our Customer Support team, you’ll be the first point of contact for our users as well as prospecting users who have questions before signing up.

We pride ourselves to be highly knowledgeable support representatives, with a clear goal to find the best solution for our users (not just answering tickets). So you will need to be curious by nature and able to solve problems by using logic.

You will be expected to spend 20% of your time QA testing to use your analytical skills to thoroughly test all fixes, features, and enhancements created by the dev team.

For both aspects of your role, deep understanding must be pursued and maintained. We go above and beyond, so the role includes being knowledgeable not just in the software but also in our integrations (e.g. HubSpot, PipeDrive, Zapier), and the email ecosystem (e.g. cold outreach, DNS settings to maximize deliverability, and changes from email service providers that can impact our customers or operation to name some).

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Solving the problem of our users with the best solution possible (including workarounds)
  • Developing a deep understanding of how works. You are willing to become an expert, knowing the system inside out
  • Writing technical documentation for our knowledge base
  • Investigate the user’s key objectives, and driving their adoption of’s functionality beyond the expected
  • Provide training and continued support through highly effective relationship management, centered on the customer experience
  • Develop a deep technical understanding of the email ecosystem (what is SPF, DKIM, able to read email source, know what is imp[acting deliverability…)
  • Manually testing fixes, features, and enhancements for anything that times out, crashes, or leads to server or console errors, as well as visual bugs
  • Debugging graphQL queries using the inspector tool
  • API testing using Postman
  • Creating bug reports to help the developers understand where the issue is coming from and how to replicate it


  • Always curious and going beyond the surface level of understanding
  • Comfortable giving feedback with the intention to help and receiving feedback without justifying the action behind the feedback
  • Can take informed decisions without waiting for a go signal
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A fast and reliable internet connection and a good computer (at least 32 GB RAM) with a webcam
  • Demonstrate that you have great attention to detail by entering koala when asked what is your favorite animal
  • A fluent English speaker who is also good at writing (grammar, spelling, and punctuation)
  • Comfortable working in Europe or EST US time zone

Bonus points

  • Knowledge of Ruby, Python, or Selenium
  • Experience working as a QA tester in SaaS or other email software
  • Experience working in a fully-remote team
  • Knowledgeable in the email ecosystem. (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, email deliverability, etc.)


⚖️ You'll join a meritocracy, with no politics, and bring your best self.

📖 You'll get a lot of context and learn about the business side as we practice open-book management.

🌴 1 team retreat per year for work and fun (we fly everyone to one location for a week).

📚 We focus on learning and personal growth ($100/mo budget for learning/books/courses).


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