Did you know only 31 of the top 100 brands use Tumblr for their business? In the age of social media that we are now apart of, it seems like Tumblr gets lost in the marketing world.

But, if businesses knew that Tumblr actually has an RPV (revenue per visit) that is second only to Facebook, they would probably rethink not taking advantage of it, wouldn't they?

Why is Tumblr so effective? It is a WordPress-like blogging platform, combined with Facebook-like social features and Pinterest-like image management, only without so many boards.

This often forgotten platform has actually combined two of the most important aspects of brand marketing (social media and blogging) and created an unstoppable force that has proven to help boost sales.



Here are a few numbers that prove Tumblr is a serious social media contender:

  • Its average revenue per visit (RPV) is $1.10. As I said earlier, this is the second highest RPV of social media sites only being topped by Facebook at $1.22.
  • Tumblr's YoY RPV (year over year revenue per visit) growth is +380%.
  • Its QoQ RPV (quarter over quarter revenue per visit) growth is +38%.
  • It had $100 million in reported earnings in 2013.
  • Yahoo paid $1 billion to buy Tumblr is May 2013.

These numbers clearly show that Tumblr has not only been a formidable social media platform, but is also on the rise.

Just its revenue per visit should be enough for businesses to start looking at it.


How Many People Are Impacted By Tumblr?

Tumblr reaching more and more people worldwide each year and may surprise you how popular it actually is.

Here are 9 Tumblr statistics that will blow your mind about its popularity:

  • Its yearly global user growth is 74%.
  • There are 420 million users as of October 2014.
  • Over 15% of all internet users have used Tumblr.
  • 50% of Tumblr users access it on a mobile device.
  • 217 million blogs on Tumblr as of January 2015. To put this in perspective, WordPress has only a little over 75 million blogs.
  • As of 2013, the average time users spent on Tumblr was 12 minutes. Which was 1.5 minutes more than Facebook. As of October 2014, Tumblr's average visit length is 28 minutes.
  • According to Alexa.com, it is the 30th highest traffic site on the internet.
  • Tumblr's total number of monthly page views is 5.187 billion as of July 2013.
  • There are over 300 million unique monthly visitors according to Yahoo.
  • There are 120,000 average Tumblr signups per day.

As you can see, Tumblr is an extremely popular site already and was just launched in New York in 2007. It is already one of the most popular blogging platforms, as well as a top social media site.

Of course, it could be an insanely popular site and still not make as much sense for one business brand as it may for another because of who is on the site.

If you are targeting a certain type of demographic with your business, you need to know what sort of audience you would be in front on Tumblr.

What kind of people use this platform?



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Here are some Tumblr Demographics:

  • 65% of users have a college education.
  • 56% of visitors have some college education.
  • 16% of visitors are Hispanic. This is 7% more than the 9% online average.
  • 50% of Tumblr users are under the age of 25.
  • 53.5% of Tumblr visitors are female.

tumblr demographics

Basically, Tumblr is full of highly educated young people that aren't afraid of pulling out their credit card (or their parents') and buying something.

Now that you have a little bit of a background on how popular Tumblr is, how fast it is growing and what kind of people you can find on there, you might want to start your marketing.

But, before you do that and possibly shoot yourself in the foot, take a look at a few of the best Tumblr marketing tips and practices…


Best Tumblr Marketing Tips And Practices

1. Focus on great images. 78% of Tumblr posts are photos or other images and the're the most popular to reblog (share). People love images. Just look at the growth of Pinterest and Instagram.

2. Focus on a very specific niche. This may sound a little weird, but two very popular Tumblr blogs are “Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson” and “Accidental Chinese Hipsters“. I couldn't make this stuff up.

3. Link to your main website. Obviously it is going to be hard to capture a lead or convert a sale on your Tumblr blog, so make sure you always link to your site in posts for more business engagement.

4. Link your images to your Tumblr page. This allows users to always find their way back to you, no matter how viral your images go.

5. Follow other Tumblrogs. Post the blogs your follow on your page to shows Tumblr community support, which is very important on this platform.

6. Add social sharing buttons. Encourage viewers to repost your content on multiple platforms to help you increase your social reach.

7. Connect your Instagram. This could help you double your exposure with very little extra effort.

8. Use hashtags. Tumblr users frequently search for hashtags to discover new content on Tumblr, as they do on other sites like Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

9. Respond to comments. This is social media where engagement is king. Engage with your followers to earn their trust, increasing engagement as reposts, links, comments and business.

10. Comment on other posts. Again, you want to be part of the community.

11. Keep videos short. Videos that are less than 1 minute long get 40% more engagement than 10-20 minute videos, when engagement is defined as watching an entire video.

This really matters when your video's main purpose is to present a complete package of information with call to action at the end.

12. Don't use celebrities in your brand videos.

You can expect a 12% increase in Facebook Page visits for your business after watching a video featuring non-celebrities as opposed to one with celebrities. People like to see real people they relate to.

13. Make sure videos are mobile-optimized. There is about an 8% increase in click through rate when users watch videos on mobile phones as opposed to desktop computers.

14. Do more really short videos as opposed to fewer longer videos.

Click through rates go up by 4% when you have videos that are less than 15 seconds long as opposed to 31-60 seconds long, and 2% more videos that are greater than or equal to 61 second videos.

15. Lighten up and show a little humor in your Tumblr videos. Brand Facebook Page visits go up 2% when they just watched a funny video as opposed to a fairly serious one.




When it comes to the combination of blogging and social media, Tumblr has created a force to be reckoned with. They are one of the top 30 traffic sites in the world and are still growing.

With the amount of money users spend per visit combined with the traffic, engagement, and demographics, how could you not take advantage of Tumblr as a marketing tool?

What are your favorite Tumblr marketing tips and statistics?



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