Have you ever looked up at a clock at the end of the day and wonder where all the time went? A lot of people, especially entrepreneurs that work from home, have a hard time being efficient with their time.

Want to know how to stop wasting time and be more productive? Luckily, there are a few ways you can fix this widespread problem…



1. You Need To Eliminate Distractions

If you're like me, you get distracted easily by your smart phone. When a new text message comes in, someone is calling you, or maybe you like checking your email or Facebook every 35 seconds.

How do you eliminate this problem without throwing your smart phone out the window? All you have to do is just put it in the other room.

This actually helped my production A LOT. It seems like such a simple tweak, but it makes a HUGE difference and could save you hours a day that could be dedicated to your growing business.

This adjustment can also be applied to anything else that is distracting you. Maybe you have a big TV in your office…Hide the remote. Whatever it is, make sure you don't get slowed down by it.

2. Stop Wasting Time With This Simple Exercise

On easy exercise that could really blow your mind, is to write down every 15 minutes what you did the last 15 minutes. Do that throughout the time you know you are supposed to spend working.

If you keep doing it, you'll find that a lot of breaks and wasted time has probably hurt your productivity and therefore your bank account. To fix the problem of wasting time, you must first realize what's causing it.

This exercise will help you stop wasting time by getting you to actually write down what you've been doing throughout the day, so that you can fix it and become more productive in less time.


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3. Procrastination Kills Results

One of the biggest problems with new entrepreneurs is that they have to learn to break the tendency to procrastinate. The words “I'll do it tomorrow” can be really bad for your business.

I had heard a quote one time that was along the lines of this…

“If you wait until tomorrow, tomorrow will never come.”

In other words, if you say you'll just wait until tomorrow to do something, odds are, you will say the same thing tomorrow and you will eventually just not have any sense of urgency to do it at all. Timing will never be perfect for anything in life, so just do it right away, get it done and you'll be very satisfied with your production.

A simple change of mindset is all some entrepreneurs need to stop wasting time and start working efficiently.

4. Lifestyle Changes Can Improve Results

One of the ultimate ways to waste time is to not feel your best when working on something. If you only got 2 hours of sleep, if you crashed after a sugar rush, or if you just don't take care of yourself, then it can really affect your production.

Try getting at least 7 hours of sleep, eating healthier (like avoiding sugar so you won't crash) and just take care of yourself so that you feel good. If you don't, your natural tendency will be to just give in to not feeling good and use that as an excuse not to work.

5. Plan Out Your Day

Write down a schedule or daily method of operation (DMO) for what you need to do that day. Also, plan out about how long it should take you to do those things.

If you can get to where you can get each marketing strategy, team training, or whatever done in less time and just go through a schedule and knock everything out…You'll have more time to do what you want to do during the day and more money will be made!

So write down the schedule for the day the night before and put the amount of time you should spend on each task next to it. Do this everyday, knock out each task one after the other and watch your results go through the roof.

Conclusion On How To Stop Wasting Time

Lack of planning, procrastination, your lifestyle, your distractions, etc. all play a part in how efficient you work in a certain time frame. If you use the 5 strategies I taught you and tweak those just a little bit, you can bet money that you will see you business results SOAR.

So, stop wasting time and TAKE ACTION!

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