LeadSimple is looking to hire some people with no experience or degree required to do customer support work.

Customer Support Rep at LeadSimple

The mission of Customer Support is to provide assistance when customers have questions about our LeadSimple products, service or are experiencing issues. The focus is on how the customer is interacting with the product to improve full adoption and deliver a customer experience that aligns with our customer obsession vision. 

A day in the life of…

  • Track and Surface Customer Requests and Feedback – Tracks customer requests and effectively communicates the details to the engineering team to complete the request. 
  • Evaluate Client Tickets and Delegate to Applicable Team – Demonstrates clear knowledge of what LeadSimple can and can’t do. Takes client requests, creates tickets, evaluates, then passes to the appropriate internal department.
  • Maintains a High Degree of Customer Satisfaction – Measured by promoter scores, response time, and ticket ratings
  • Provide Consolidated Client Feedback – Recommend service and product enhancement to improve the sales potential and customer satisfaction. Minimum of 3-5 actionable insights and changes per quarter gleaned from client interaction.
  • Maintains Educational Resources – Continuously update educational resources including training documentation, training courses, & videos.
  • Facilitate Video/Phone Calls with Clients – Able to facilitate video/phone calls with clients at any time during working hours.
  • Participate in Weekly Team Meetings – Participate in and provide value to the team meetings every week.
  • Maintain Metrics – Meet or exceed CSAT score, response time, & ticket rating goals set on a quarterly basis.
  • Develop Skills Necessary to Manage Future Client Implementation Projects – Seeks out information and knowledge for future plans to effectively manage capacity to handle a pipeline of 8-10 proposals per month.
  • Build Custom Solutions – Consult with customers and build custom solutions based on their needs.

Expectations for your first 90 days:

  • Confidence in handling customer issues independently by 90 days. The expectation is that 75% of tickets can be handled autonomously. 
  • CSR will respond to customer inquiries and own the outcome. No one will know everything, but the CSR needs to be able to handle the majority of customer issues autonomously. 
  • Equal contributor of workload responsibilities. Reps must handle an equal amount of work dispersed amongst the team. As an example, if we have 4 reps and a manager, you would be expected to work 25% of the ticket load for the week. 
  • We are a small team, and in order for our team to run efficiently everyone needs to pull their share of the workload. The expectation is that the CSR will handle an equal amount of work as the other CSR members, excluding managers. We expect each team member to update or write at least one help article per month. 
  • Customer Obsession – Maintain high CSAT Score of 94.0%
  • Our core value of customer obsession is paramount at LeadSimple. We expect a CSAT score of 94%


  • Monthly Friday Free Day – You read that RIGHT! One Friday every month we ‘CLOSE SHOP’ and enjoy a three day weekend! Who doesn’t like 12 days extra off work!
  • Company Holidays
  • Paid Time Off (in addition to the above)
  • Monthly Healthcare Allowance
  • Yearly Vacation Allowance
  • Fun and outcome driven work environment with a smart, hard working team
  • Location independence
  • Mission driven company and values-based culture

Please only apply if you:

  • Embrace learning new technology 
  • Learn fast
  • Communicate crisply
  • Proactively seek solutions
  • Own the outcome
  • Embody emotional maturity
  • Bring an optimistic “can do” attitude
  • Supply your own internet and smartphone
  • [0+ Experience in…]
  • Have B2B SaaS experience (preferred)

Location Requirements

  • Due to our core business hours, applicants must be located between -8 GMT  to +2 GMT  (Americas, Africa, and Western Europe)
  • **NOTE: We are not accepting applications in California, Colorado, or New York at this time.

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