Here are the best $30/hour side jobs for extra money at home with no interview required!

1. Graphic Design at TaskRabbit

At TaskRabbit, you can make around $29/hour on average as a graphic designer, even though the site is mostly known for local gigs.

They pay via PayPal and you can actually set your own prices.

2. Data Analyst at Telus International

At Telus International, the Online Data Analyst position allows you to make money evaluating online maps to improve quality and accuracy.

According to Glassdoor, people make around $35/hour with this job.

You can also set your own schedule and there is no experience required.

There are many versions of this job in different languages and countries.

3. Content Writer at Wordvice

At Wordvice, people have reportedly made anywhere from $19-$38/hour as Content Writers, Editors, Translators, etc.

Most jobs here are writing-related.

You made need a little more experience here than with some other jobs, but they don't seem to require an interview and pay pretty well.

As a Content Writer for instance, you would:

  • Draft engaging articles on academic or admissions issues from a list of potential topics we provide; or suggest and write about your own topic (upon approval)
  • Include key relevant information that will be useful to our customers and relevant keywords that will increase our SEO
  • Allow for one request for revision of your content before submitting article
  • Create and submit any accompanying graphics, charts, or captions that can be inserted into our WordPress page

4. Tutor at Preply

At Preply, you can get paid to tutor in more than just English or other languages.

In fact, you can tutor in over 100 different subjects, including hobby subjects.

You can also get paid via PayPal and set your own pay rate.

And, as will many other sites on this list, you get to make your own hours.

5. Gaming Coach at GamerSensei

At GamerSensei, you can get paid to be a video game coach!

Here, you can set your own rates, as well as schedule, to coach people to get better at popular online video games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Rocket League, and more.

You also get a discount on gaming gear made by Corsair!

It seems you can apply from around the world as well.

6. Personal Trainer at Kickoff

If you are a personal trainer that wants to help people be healthier, you can get paid to train people at home on your phone via Kickoff.

They claim you can earn up to $10,000/month here and manage up to 100 clients at a time.

Their app also has built-in AI technology that helps manage your schedule as efficiently as possible.

You can train people by sending videos, text messages, doing live video calls, etc.

7. Proofreader at Cambridge

At Cambridge Proofreading, you can get paid to do proofreading and editing services online without an interview!

You may still need to submit a resume though.

As far as pay, you can earn $20-$30/hour via PayPal or direct deposit.

You get to choose your projects, work when you want, and apply from anywhere in the world.

8. Microtasker at Clickworker

As a microtasker at Clickworker, you can get paid to do all sorts of random jobs like categorizing, data entry, transcription, reviewing, and much more.

People on Glassdoor have reportedly earned up to $50/hour here as an independent contractor, but the full range of pay varies quite a bit.

Many of their jobs can be done on a mobile device as well with their highly rated app on Android and Apple.

9. Mystery Shopping at Call Center QA

Call Center QA is actually one of the very few companies I've come across that pays you to do mystery shopping at home.

Most mystery shopping is done in person and involves going to a store and reviewing the experience.

With Call Center QA, you can get paid to call these companies, pretending to be a shopper, while asking questions and completing a survey about them.

Each call pays around $5 and only takes around 10 minutes, which gives you an average of around $30/hour!

You also don't need experience or a background check to do this.

10. Dog Boarder at Rover

At Rover, you can get paid to help people with their dogs and cats.

Some of these jobs can be done at home, others at the pet owner's home.

If you want to stay at home, you can do something like dog boarding, which is actually by far the highest paying pet care job at Rover.

In fact they tell you you can earn around 2x the money as a dog boarder vs a typical pet sitter.

According to Glassdoor reviews, 9 dog boarders averaged around $53/hour!

You also get to set your own hours and prices!

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