Self made millionaires stories seem to always inspire the masses to dream big, as well as do whatever it takes to turn a passion into a career. These people don't believe in being employees their whole lives or being average, they dream big and fight through adversity until they reach their goals.

If you're looking to make big things happen and build your wealth as your own boss, doing things your way, not someone else's, these 5 stories are going to knock your socks off and just make you want to get to work.



Richard Branson: Founder of Virgin Group

If you're any kind of entrepreneur and weren't born yesterday, you've probably heard of Richard Brandson a few times over the years. He's one of the richest men in the world and owns over 400 companies. He had to work for every cent that he made though.

In fact, he started out selling Christmas trees and didn't get a college degree at all. He suffered from dyslexia and had poor academic performance, but then realized he could connect very well with others.

He bounced around publishing student magazines, selling mail order records, and then made his first million dollars when he started a recording studio (now known as Virgin Records).

After succeeding in the music industry, he went on to pursue many different kinds of businesses and hit his first billion dollars when he started Virgin Airlines. He is now worth about$4.6 billion and owns his own private island.

If you're a surfer who dropped out of high school like Richard (or even if you aren't), he probably has one of the most inspiring self made millionaires stories around. Can you imagine owning 400 companies?


Elon Musk: Founder of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and Contributor to Paypal

Elon Musk, is a South African born entrepreneur that has taken the world by storm, making impact in many different industries. He started out as an entrepreneur at age 12 and taught himself computer programming, allowing himself to sell video game code for $500.

After moving around a lot living with his dad in Africa, he later became a Canadian citizen where is mother lived and then ended up in the U.S. where he went to the University of Pennsylvania and later Stanford.

He got a bachelor's degree in Physics, as well as Economics, but dropped out of Stanford when he decided to pursue entrepreneurship.

The South African born entrepreneur who started out trying to make his way selling video game code, later started SpaceX (a space travel company), as well as well known companies such as Tesla Motors.

He even helped found Paypal, one of the world's most well known payment processing services. Musk is now worth an estimated $12 billion.


Mark Cuban: Owner of Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres, Magnolia Pictures and Investor on Shark Tank

You know anything about NBA basketball or entrepreneurship, chances are you've heard of Mark Cuban. He is one of the more outspoken and bold entrepreneurs that is very well known throughout the U.S.

It didn't exactly have it easy when he was making his way to success though. He started out selling garbage bags door to door and for a long time had to live off of mustard and ketchup sandwiches as he tried to work his way through college and start his first businesses.

He went to college at the University of Pittsburgh, Indiana University, and Kelley School of Business. He held many odd jobs while trying to make his way including disco lessons and running a pub.

Cuban made his first million dollars as an entrepreneur when he started a computer consulting firm. When he started web broadcasting sports, he made his first billion dollars.

He went from a regular working-class family, selling garbage bags and later living off of mustard and ketchup sandwiches as a young entrepreneur, to being worth an estimated $2.6 billion.

He is the owner of the 2011 NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres, Co-owner of 2929 Entertainment, contributor to Yahoo with the sale of his and Chairman of AXS TV. He's even on ABC's widely popular Shark Tank TV show.


Ray Kroc: Owner and Predominant Establisher of McDonald's Corporation

No matter where you are in the world, you can always count on finding a reliable and predictable experience. Ray Kroc, although technically he wasn't the “founder” of McDonald's, was the reason it became the most successful fast food business in the Untied States and possibly even the entire world.

Ray Kroc had the odds against him growing up though. He dropped out of school at the age of 15, lied about his age and became an ambulance driver in World War I. He tried to find his way after war, trying occupations such as being a paper cup salesman, pianist, jazz musician and even radio DJ.

He then started to learn more about the restaurant industry and became a milkshake machine salesman just trying to make his way. After meeting the McDonald's brothers for the first time, they bought 8 of his machines, Ray Kroc had to get out of the plummeting milk shake machine business.

He decided that he liked the idea that the McDonald's brothers had come up with for a restaurant chain and he became their new franchising agent. He later bought the rights to the McDonald's Corporation and basically built the fast food industry into what it is today.

McDonald's is now worth an estimated $96.91 billion, is rated #6 by Forbes most valuable brands and is one of the most successful franchise businesses in history. As a 15 year old drop out with one of the biggest world wide brands, Ray Kroc has become one of the most inspiring of the self made millionaires stories you'll hear.


Conclusion Of 4 Great Self Made Millionaires Stories

It doesn't matter what your background is. You could be selling trash bags, living on mustard sandwiches or even be a high school dropout with nothing but a dream and a work ethic.

Whatever, the case may be, it has been proven that with big goals, hard work and perseverance, you can make anything happen, no matter where you came from. These are just a few of the thousands of self made millionaires stories around the world that defied the odds.

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    • john

      their success is inspirational. I am sure i will be able to be there.

      • Justin Bryant

        You can do it, John. Model what successful people do, stick with it and you will be successful one day.

    • Khumo Rakhudu

      hey Justin Bryant I’m a student studying fitness doing my first year this year, I would like you to give me an advise to opening my business but I don’t know what to do nor how to start. I don’t have a plan and I don’t want to be a fitness instructor nor personal trainer until I die.

      • Justin Bryant

        Well, there are many different directions you could go in. Focus on what you’re good at naturally and use those strengths to determine what kind of business to do. To keep from working forever, work on saving money a lot and invest until you can live off the dividends. I good rule would be to save up about 25-30x the amount of money you spend in a year to invest and be able to retire. Hope that helps!

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      I would want to receive some inspiring stories about successful millioners.

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