If you want to make $6200/month or so with a very easy, non-phone, worldwide work-from-home job, check this out:

It's the Community Manager position at SafetyWing.

SafetyWing is Insurance for traveling remote workers.

Here are the details:

Community Manager at SafetyWing

What you'll do:

  • Act as the first point of contact between Plumia community members, the Plumia team, and the wider SafetyWing team.
  • Handle all day-to-day running, maintenance and moderation of the Plumia Discord server. (The Plumia community is currently hosted on Discord, though we’re not set on this platform for the future. In fact, there is enthusiasm from the team and community to explore Circle instead.)
  • Recruit and manage community volunteers to be channel mods and contribute to other community development plans as you see fit.
  • Collaborate with other team members (particularly those running events, media and onboarding) to coordinate plans and make process improvements.
  • Develop and implement a long-term strategy to grow Plumia’s community, in terms of both membership and engagement.
  • Ensure the Plumia community flourishes to become a vibrant and joyful space where members learn, discuss, connect, and collaborate.


  • Is or has been actively involved with online communities, as a builder, leader or participant.
  • Has experience in project management (essential) and coordinating volunteers (desirable).
  • Has an understanding of both content production and social media, and how these areas can interact with and enrich an online community.
  • Has knowledge of the digital nomad and expat space, particularly in terms of understanding the problems this demographic faces as they move around the world.
  • Believe passionately in building a global social safety net, internet country and next-gen passport to deliver increased global mobility rights and greater equality across borders.
  • Have personal international experience of some kind – through being a nomad, expat, third culture kid, studying or working abroad, or similar.
  • Can think for themselves instead of copying others, and is willing to try new things, even when there is a risk of failure.
  • Are intellectually curious, open to new ideas, and creative and bold in the face of obstacles.
  • Are able to work autonomously – our company culture is very entrepreneurial, meaning you’re expected to run with ideas and make things happen – while also communicating effectively and often with colleagues and collaborators.


This is a full-time contractor position open to applicants based anywhere in the world (though the Americas and Europe/Africa time zones are easiest).

You’ll receive a salary as well as our borderless health insurance product, Remote Health.


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