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Focus Groups at User Interviews

User Interviews is a platform that connects businesses and researchers with participants for user research studies and market research.

While participants can earn money for their time and insights, it's important to note that participation opportunities are not always available, and eligibility depends on various factors, including your demographic profile and the specific requirements of each study.

These studies can easily average around $1 per minute.

Laundry at Poplin

At Poplin, you can get paid to do laundry for people.

You can accept the jobs that you want and work whenever you have time.

All you do is pick up, do laundry at home, return, and repeat.

They say you can earn up to $6,000/month here in some cases.

You need a smartphone, access to a washer/dryer, a mode of transportation for pickup/delivery, and few household items you may already have:

  1. Laundry detergent
  2. Clear bags (to pack folded laundry)
  3. Labels (to adhere to your delivery bags)
  4. A simple bathroom scale to weigh the finished laundry

Graphic Design or Data Entry at TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is usually known for gig economy jobs that require handyman work, lawncare or cleaning, but they also have a few jobs you can do at home.

For instance, they also have Graphic Design and Data Entry jobs paying from $24-$30/hour.

Transcription at Transcription Hub

Transcription Hub is a place where you can get paid to take audio or video files and turn them into text.

According to Glassdoor, you could make $20-$25/hour as a Transcriptionist, but it will vary depending on the company and how fast you are.

Here is the process for starting here:

Transcription HUB invites transcribers and editors to join their remote freelance transcription team.

Here, you can work anywhere at anytime.

Microtasking at Clickworker

Working at Clickworker typically involves participating in a variety of online microtasks and projects.

Clickworker is a platform that connects businesses and individuals who perform small online jobs for compensation.

These tasks can vary in nature and complexity, and workers have the flexibility to choose the tasks that interest them and fit their skills and schedule.

Here, people average anywhere from $19-$52/hour, according to Glassdoor.

Captions at

At Rev, you can get paid to do Transcription, Captions, and Subtitles.

You can get paid anywhere from $0.30-$3.00 per audio/video minute.

You can pick your projects and work when you want.

They also pay you weekly via PayPal.

Translation at Gengo

At Gengo, you can become an Translator that works as an independent contractor.

Here, you can choose when and where you work, while also pick our own projects.

The work can also be done from almost any device including a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

According to Glassdoor, you can earn around $20-$25/hour here.

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