This page is dedicated to helping you find work-from-home jobs at ModSquad. You can find all the latest work-from-home jobs hiring right now as I post them on one page on my online jobs link here. I also post the latest work-from-home jobs on this YouTube channel.

What is ModSquad?

They are a company known for customer support, content moderation, social media solutions, and management services. Here's their Wiki page.

Home-based jobs ModSquad has offered:

*Look for these jobs by going to their careers page here or the Moderator page.

Bilingual Digital Engagement Specialist

  • Contractor
  • Must be knowledgeable and passionate about video games
  • Have experience being part of online communities (especially as admin or moderator)
  • Must be comfortable with aggressive or inappropriate content
  • Must be Bilingual with English and either Chinese, Japanese, or Korean


  • Flexible hours and location
  • Select your own projects
  • Lots of different types of brands you can work with
  • Part-Time and maybe full-time
  • Freelance
  • You will moderate forums, chat with customers, manage communities, etc.

*Look for these jobs by going to their careers page here or the moderator page.

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ModSquad pays you to work from home with flexible hours

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    • Judith Nyangoma Kasangaki

      Great video. Let me visit their website and see what I can do. Typing, transcribing and editing are my areas of interest.

      Thank you!


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