Here are the best ways to make money from Instagram without selling any of your own products or services.

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1. Shout-Outs

Shout-outs from bigger brands in the same industry are great ways to get more followers on Instagram.

You could also get paid to give a shout-out by building a popular profile and using a site like Shoutcart.

With these types of posts, usually you would have a photo or video with you and the person who you're giving a shout-out to, or they give you an image for you to post.

Then, you mention them in the description using the “@” sign and their username.

2. Sponsors

Sponsorships are how a lot of Instagram influencers make money these days. Basically, this is just when a brand pays you to include their product in a post.

How much do they pay? Well, it varies. But, an example would be Liz Eswein being known to earn around $15,000 per post on average for her following of 1.4 million people.

We've even seen professional Mixer streamer, Ninja (Tyler Blevins), get paid to do sponsored posts for Butterfinger on Halloween.

To get matched with brands for sponsorships, try sites like iFluenz, Chamboost, or TRIBE.

Bonus Tip:

While the websites I mentioned for finding sponsors and paid shout-outs are great, you also might want to have a media kit page on your own website.

This is just a page where you display your information for potential partners that are looking to advertise or grow their brand on Instagram.

You might have some of your demographic information as well as basic numbers like followers and average engagement per post.

Then, of course, you want to have a contact form or email the brand can use to approach you about some kind of deal.

You can find examples of media kits with a quick Google Image search or just get a template at a site like TemplateMonster.

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how to Make Money on instagram without selling

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