What if I told you your competitors are not your biggest competition? No, when you look in the mirror… Thats your competition… Your REAL competition.

This is not to say you should ignore your outside competitors. It's to say that you must conquer yourself before you can conquer anything else. What do I mean by conquering yourself?

This just means you have to be in complete control of your mind. Successful people are successful because they no longer get in their own way. They become their own best ally instead of their own worst enemy.


What You Must Overcome

To really conquer yourself, you need to be aware of who you are and how you got here. You need to understand what to look for in yourself before you can address it. Once you can do this, success is almost inevitable.

You conquer yourself through:

  • Your habits. What do you do on a daily basis? What are your good habits? What are your bad habits?
  • Your beliefs. What were you taught growing up? What do you believe about the things that could help you reach your goals? Why do you believe those things?
  • Your goals. What do you really want to accomplish? Why do you want to accomplish those things?
  • Your progression. If you aren't taking a step forward, you're taking a step back. Are you getting closer to your goals each day?
  • Your influences. Who influences you? Who are you spending time with the most? Are these relationships good or bad for you? Be completely honest.

Write down and ponder these things.

  • Write down every action you take on a daily basis, good or bad.
  • Write down what you believe about success, money, hard work, your potential, etc.
  • Write down what your goals are and why you want to accomplish them.
  • Write down what you got better at each day or what steps you took to get closer to reaching a goal.
  • Write down the 5 people you spend the most time with regularly.

Be very detailed with each of these because your success and future depends on it.

How To Start Improving Right Away

Now that you are aware of the aspects involved in conquering your mind, as well as what you have been doing to get yourself to where you are, you have to start making improvements.

Here's what to do:

  • Work on changing your bad habits. You are what you do on a daily basis. Cut down on your tendencies to procrastinate, work on meaningless tasks, not sleep enough, not plan your day, etc.
  • Work on your beliefs. One of the best ways to do this is watching less TV and reading more books. Read about your industry and successful people in it. Watch less news or negative TV. Get rid of beliefs that don't serve you.
  • Don't do anything until you have clear, written goals. You should have long term and short term goals. What do you want to accomplish in a year, today, this week, this month, etc.? This will help you be prepared and have an organized plan.
  • What are you doing to keep your edge and improve yourself each day? Read daily, set aside time to think and brainstorm ideas, work with a mentor, work on your health, etc. Go to bed a better version of yourself than you were that morning.
  • Get rid of toxic relationships. Stop crossing oceans for people who won't cross a puddle for you. Surround yourself with positive, hard-working people who understand you and uplift you.


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If you continuously work on your habits, beliefs, goals, progression and influences, you will become less competition for yourself and more of an ally. You can be your own worst enemy or your own best friend.

Which would you rather be? Which would help you achieve great things? Look in the mirror… That's your competition. That's your greatest competition.

If you can learn to get out of your own way, all other challenges will be nothing to you. You will be unstoppable.


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What are you still have trouble holding yourself back?

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