Stephen Hawking, of all people, had the right to complain. Yet, he would say, “When you complain, nobody wants to help you.”

Despite having a rare form of slow-progressing motor neuron disease (also known as ALC “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease), he became a world-famous theoretical physicist, author, and cosmologist.

In other words, he didn't let paralysis and the loss of his speech stop him from making history and impacting humanity.

Why is it that complaining doesn't help?

It's because people gravitate toward people who have a positive impact on their lives. To complain, you have to have a negative outlook on your situation.

It's all just perspective.

Is it more positive as well as productive to focus on what's wrong or to focus on what's in your favor? I'll let you answer that.


In relation to productivity…

To be more productive, you must act. You can't just have an idea, you have to make it a reality through action.

What is the opposite of taking action? Doing nothing. Why do we do nothing? Usually, it has something to do with fear, procrastination, a lack of belief, etc.

Complaining is just making excuses for not doing anything to help your situation. It goes hand-and-hand with procrastinating because you don't believe you can overcome your circumstances.

It is a negative act which will breed negative results.


when you complain, nobody wants to help you. - stephen hawking


What to do

Think about all the people that have done more with less, like Stephen Hawking. Here's a few besides him:

  • Richard Branson became a billionaire even though he dropped out of school and was dyslexic.
  • Shaquem Griffin became a standout linebacker in college and got drafted to play for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL despite having only one hand.
  • Tracy DiNunzio became has built a very successful and disruptive company called Tradesy after being born with spina bifida, which is when your vertebrae don't form around your spinal cord.

Do you have it as bad as any of them? How about Stephen Hawking?

When you feel like complaining and avoiding what needs to be done, look a few stories like these to remind you that people have overcome much worse.

Don't repel people with negativity. Attract them to you by being positive and driven.

    6 replies to "When You Complain, Nobody Wants to Help You"

    • Georgy

      Very good. This short article says a lot.

    • Star Simmons

      I Love this! Thank you!! My daughter and grandson have been diagnosed with Learning Disabilities and myself as well, so I fully understand! That’s why I am grateful for your encouragement and your video’s. I am new to the computer world but I am learning how to create income through what you do! I don’t want to raise my Grandson in poverty, where the options that he see’s daily are selling drugs, shooting dice, using drugs or drinking all day. I am trusting God that I will start making enough income that we can move from the hood that we live in. Please keep up the videos for people like me:).

    • Arno Lottering

      Thank you Justin; this was now really inspiring. Having no disability, this is really setting new goals for me.

    • Daryl King

      A key determinant in success is how we handle adversity. Those who handle it in a positive manner will be more likely to succeed than those who respond to adversity negatively. Complaining is just one of the negative reactions to adversity. Excellent article.

    • Allison

      Great article!

    • Andrea Harris

      I printed this quote out and taped it on my mirror/ car/ work to remind myself to stay positive when I feel like complaining.
      Thanks for the motivation!

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