Have you heard of Viral Content Buzz? If you are interested in getting more social shares or traffic on a small budget, you might want to look them up.

Viral Content Buzz is a site dedicated to helping you get more Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Stumbleupon traffic and shares for your content.

Everyone knows that without a little help from social media, it can be hard to get your content, no matter how great it is, seen by enough people to impact your business.

But, how do you do that without a big advertising budget?



Viral Content Buzz vs Empire Avenue

If you have been a longtime reader of this blog, you may remember a post I did on Empire Avenue, which is one of the more complicated Viral Content Buzz alternatives.

The reason I think there is a good chance you may like Viral Content Buzz better is because it keeps everything simple and you can get a big boost in traffic for no cost.

Plus, people can't scam you and take your points without sharing your content like they can on Empire Avenue.

So, basically, you can get truck loads of shares for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Stumbleupon by using points that you earn from sharing other peoples' content like you can on Empire Avenue, but you no longer have to worry about getting points stolen.

Of course, Empire Avenue has a lot more options if you need them like a stock exchange, more paid options, the ability to ask people for custom actions in your missions like commenting, liking a video, sharing it on other social sites, etc.

It is really a toss up between which one is better and it all depends on personal preference.


How Does Viral Content Buzz Actually Work?

If you are new to the whole social sharing thing, you may not have really understood what I was comparing between Empire Avenue and Viral Content Buzz.

The way this site works is you have to accumulate points to actually be able to run a “project” that gets you shares for your content. You get these points by sharing other peoples' stuff.

So, instead of paying real money to promote your content, you are basically trading services by sharing each others' content in this little community that Viral Content Buzz has created.

Another thing that I haven't mentioned yet that separates it from other sites like it is that you can categorize the content that you see on your dashboard.

This way, you are only sharing peoples' content that actually relates to what niche your content is in.

Instead, of having to share posts on ponies, real estate or celebrity gossip to get the points you need and confusing your social followers when you're in the marketing niche, you get to keep all shares related and can stick to categories like affiliate marketing, business, and social media.

The bottomline for how this works is you help each other get shares by using the point system to create a win-win situation.



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Viral Content Buzz Walkthrough

Now that you know a little background knowledge on Viral Content Buzz, are you ready to get your first social traffic boost from it?

I'm going to walk you through step by step how to create your account and get your first shares.

Step 1: Create a free account

Go to Viralcontentbuzz.com and click the “register” button or you may join with Facebook or Twitter for a quicker signup process.


Step 2: Finish the registration process

Pick a username, password, etc. and then submit. Make sure you confirm your email address right after signing up.

viral content buzz

Step 3: Pick the categories that relate to your industry

You don't want to be sharing content that is completely off topic from your own content or you will lose social followers.

Pick the categories that you would be willing to share content from out of the list Viral Content Buzz gives you.

For an example of what to choose: If you're in the marketing or entrepreneurship industries like I am, I would go for affiliate marketing, blogging tips, business, copywriting, infographics, self improvement, SEO and social, and maybe web design.

viral content buzz

Step 4: Pick your social accounts to use

You have to have at least one social media account on Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Facebook or Twitter signed in to share other peoples' content.

Pick which ones you would like to share on and sync them with Viral Content Buzz.

To do this, go to “Settings” and then go to “social accounts“.

If you have pretty small social influences on certain social sites, you may not want to do a lot of shares on those yet.

For instance a lot of people only get 1 or 2 points per share, but I get 4 points every time when I use Pinterest or Stumbleupon.

My advice to you is to connect all of them and then go to your dashboard to see which ones will get you the most points.

viral content buzz


Step 5: Start earning some points

Now that the setup phase is done, you can start earning some points to save up for a project.

To do this, go to your “dashboard” and then start scrolling through the articles and look for content you might want to share with your followers.

I recommend that you try to save up at least 50 points before you start your own project for your content. Anything less will run out fairly quickly.

To share content, just click one of the blue social media buttons and then follow the instructions to complete the share.

For Pinterest sharing, you have one extra step you have to take to get your points.

After pinning the content, click the “see it now” button and then go to your address bar and copy the pin's URL and go back to Viral Content Buzz to paste the Pin URL in the box.

Then, click submit to get your points.

Viral Content Buzz always makes sure you have completed the share first before you get points, so for pinterest they need to know the location of the pin for the purpose of verification that you followed through.

This is how they make sure everyone gets what they pay for with their points and there is no fraud.

viral content buzz

Step 6: Start your own project

When you want to start getting your own content some social shares, I recommend you take the 50+ points you have saved up and go click on the “Add Project” tab.

From here, you just have to fill in the blanks. Add the content URL you want to get shared. Most people do blog posts, but you can even do Youtube videos as well.

Then, add the title and description of the content.

After you filled in the first 3 blanks, choose 3 categories that relate to your topic from the groups of interest list. Then, add the project budget (use at least 50 for the best results).

Before you submit, you just need to check off which of the 4 social media sites you would like to get shares from. Your choices are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Stumbleupon.

I recommend Facebook and Twitter for sure. Stumbleupon is another great one if you stick with it.

I actually go a very big spike in traffic from promoting my content on Stumbleupon through Viral Content Buzz.

Should you use Pinterest for VCB?

For Pinterest, it depends on what you are sharing. You have to choose a picture to be shared for Pinterest to all people to pin your content because that entire site is all about images and videos.

You cannot pin videos through Viral Content Buzz unfortunately, so it all comes down to what kind of image you have to promote.

The point of getting these shares is to get people to be able to go to your video or blog post, resulting in more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

With Pinterest sharing on here, you can't get people to click straight through to your content source.

Because of guidelines, I don't think you are allowed to put the URL of the content in the description so people could click that from the pin.

The only way to really get good branding from this is to have a Pinterest-specific image ready for Viral Content Buzz with your site's URL in the corner, so people know where it came from.

When people start seeing high quality images pinned all over Pinterest with your URL or brand on every one of them, people start to get curious and go searching for your brand online.

Because of all these extra steps, I typically don't choose to all people to pin my content on Pinterest through Viral Content Buzz, but if you want to put in the extra work to make an image that would do well on Pinterest, add your brand to it and go ahead and let people share it.

You can read more here about Pinterest traffic tips.

After you've decided which social media sites to allow people to share your content on and check the box that you have read the quality guidelines, press submit. Now, you're all done!

The moderators will then review your project and when it is approved, you will start getting notifications of people sharing your content!

viral content buzz

VCB Bonus Tips

To make the most of your time at Viral Content Buzz, there are a few other tips to keep in mind.

Bonus Tip #1: Give your projects a boost

If you go to “My Projects” and realize that a project of yours has slowed down in activity over the last few days, you may want to add another 30 credits to get it back to page 1, so people will see it.

This is also why you may not want to put too many credits in one project from the very start because as other members add projects each day, the less likely you will be on the front page where most of the activity is.

Bonus Tip #2: Collaborate

There is tab in your Viral Content Buzz menu called “Interactions” that tells you when people share your content.

To build more connections and get more shares in the future, send a simple “thank you” to the people that share your stuff, retweet their tweet of your content or even just follow them on some of their social media sites.

This creates good will and could set you up for some even bigger joint projects in the future.

Bonus Tip #3: Be Consistent

Don't expect an overnight traffic spike every time you add a new project on VCB. This is just one small part of the content promotion routine that you should be going through every time you publish new content.

By itself, this platform won't carry your content to page 1 of Google. But consistently sharing your content on here will definitely inch you that much closer to your promotional goals.

Bonus Tip #4: Quality Content Is King

Don't expect to get your content going viral or get more than a couple of shares if you have crappy content. To get the best results, you have to put together the best content you possibly can.

Bonus Tip #5: Leverage Your Time

If you don't have time in your busy schedule to share other peoples' stuff on VCB, don't worry about it.

Just upgrade to PRO. It can save you time by allowing you to automatically get credits every month and submit your content via RSS for a more hands-off approach.



As for my total Viral Content Buzz review, I would definitely recommend it to you and any other person trying to get a little more social engagement or traffic for their content.

It is simple and effective. Don't expect it to perform miracles for your business, but you can count on a little extra boost for your content. What do you think about Viral Content Buzz?



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      This is awesome! I shared it on Google+ and a friend of mine who’s wife just started blogging. It’s easy to understand and implement. Thank you!

    • As for my total Viral Content Buzz review, I would definitely recommend it to you and any other person trying to get a little more social engagement or traffic for their content.

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        VCB won’t change the game for your traffic by itself, but it will help compliment your other strategies. Social media shares not only help with traffic, but they help you get more followers, higher rankings and contribute to social proof that people like your content.

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