Empire Avenue has now become one of the internet’s most sought-after social media assets. Being able to expand your social media exposure for free with just about any social media source you can think of is always useful for marketers. Plus, it is like a game! It’s actually pretty fun!



Need Some Free Social Media Rocket Fuel?

Let me ask you another question…Who doesn’t? Social Media, thanks to the recent Google updates and what not, has become one of the main factors in driving up your rankings in search engines. You can’t just get a tool or software though because spamming is no longer effective. You might get penalized trying to spam social media shares.

Also, many people are on a low budget or just don’t have enough social media connections to really get the word out about posts or pages. As a result, Empire Avenue was created. It’s entirely free, unless you want to buy certain packages to boost your performance. It actually is 100% natural and effective for search engine rankings because everyone on their is a real person.

How Does Empire Avenue Work? (Missions)

Basically There Are two main components, the stock market and missions. Missions are when you pay out the fake money that is the Empire Avenue currency for a social media task that the participants must complete. The fake money is called eaves and is paid out as a reward when the mission is completed by someone.

You create your own custom missions once you have enough eaves to afford the mission. You decide what social media is involved, what link participants go to, how much is paid out as a reward, and how many people may participate. Empire Avenue Missions

How Does Empire Avenue Work? (Stock Market)

The stock market on Empire Avenue is very similar to the real stock market. The more people who invest eaves into someone, the higher their share price increases. You can later on sell the shares that you have in someone or keep them and earn a commission from them everyday.

The best thing to do is to invest in a lot of people with rising stock and get paid eaves from each person everyday for being an investor in them. That way, you have somewhat of a royalty coming in to fund more missions.

How Do You Get Eaves To Pay For Social Media Missions?

There are a few different ways to earn eaves. One way you can do it is through the stock market. Investing takes a while at first to get your money back and start making a large profit everyday, but it is worth it in the long run once you have thousands of shares in your portfolio.

The other way to earn eaves is by completing other peoples’ missions. You need to go to your profile and connect all of your social media accounts to Empire Avenue first, then you can start completing missions for others based on what they pay or what you just prefer to do.



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How Empire Avenue Helps Your Internet Rankings And Traffic

Empire Avenue helps your internet traffic and rankings by getting shares, likes, retweets, subscriptions, etc. to your selected page or post in your missions. It’s all about being able to run more missions and getting more social media love and traffic to your internet posts and pages.

How To Run More Missions At The Same Time

It would take forever to get a huge impact from only running one mission at a time on Empire Avenue for your social media. That’s why you need to get to where you can run multiple missions at once. How do you do that? You must get your share price up to 50 and above.

You start out only being able to run one mission at a time as a new member, but if you run a mission or two that pays people eaves to invest in you, you overall share price will increase. Once you get your share price to 50 eaves, you can then run two missions at one time, doubling your potential social media productivity, which will help get your pages and posts ranking higher, faster.

The higher you get your overall share price, the more missions you can run at the same time.The more missions you can run at the same time, the more productivity and results you gain from social media.

My Review Conclusion

Empire Avenue is a GREAT social media asset to take advantage of for your marketing online. It’s free, productive, and pretty fun. I have personally used it as one of my assets for increasing my blog effectiveness online. In other words, there is NO REASON why you shouldn’t take advantage of Empire Avenue’s service.


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