Here's a great work-from-home job paying $200/day hiring worldwide with no phone calls:

It's the Customer Support Specialist job at Circle:

Check out the details below:

About the Role:

  • Prioritize customer issues across our email and community channels.
  • Become an expert on the Circle product, along with our internal staff admin tool.
  • Advise creators on practical solutions as they launch and build their communities.
  • Troubleshoot a wide range of issues across multiple browsers and our iOS app.
  • Escalate feedback to inform and improve our product.
  • Collaborate with engineers and designers to troubleshoot complex technical issues.
  • Identify trends from customer inquiries to suggest proactive solutions.
  • Contribute to the Knowledge Base/FAQ and other customer-facing support resources.


$50k/year is the estimated compensation for this job according to Glassdoor.

Required Qualifications:

  • 1-2 years of experience.
  • You have strong written communication skills.
  • You are excited to be a part of an early startup with some serious traction.
  • You've supported customers for a consumer SaaS product.
  • You're skilled at understanding and implementing technical workflows at a fast pace.
  • You love understanding customer needs, and get satisfaction out of being extremely helpful.
  • You want to be involved in the early days of a startup and have a strong voice to inform product development and our roadmap.
  • You have experience walking customers through advanced technical troubleshooting processes.
  • You have experience using Zapier to automate workflows (ideal, but not a must-have.)
  • You have experience working with community products (ideal, but not a must-have.)

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