As developments in technology continue to advance so do the demands for large and emerging new companies to stay in the loop and retain their top-shelf status.

Having a competitive edge means constructing a staff representing key players to sustain growth in slow and thriving economic times.

These critical job positions include a financial or business analyst, an accountant, a human resource manager, marketing and sales manager and administrative assistants.

By taking TAFE business administration courses, for example, you can put yourself in the driver's seat and open the door to a bright and financially sound future.


Since a degree in business touches on all areas including analytical and statistical applications, your wealth of general knowledge appeals to major companies.

A person that has well-rounded attributes fits into a number of positions in any industry. This can include fields such as administrative, sales, managerial, accounting and finances.

A business degree also gives you the necessary skills to work independently as well as in groups.

Areas of critical thinking, marketing and an understanding of the importance of profit and loss ratios can help any company eliminate waste and focus efforts on products that work.


It's common sense that the higher level of education you acquire the better your chances are for landing the higher-paying job.

For most companies, it doesn't matter whether you minor in business or continue on with your schooling and earn your MBA (Master's Business Administration).

The fact that you have an understanding of how to increase sales and track your profits makes you a viable candidate for nearly any successful company.


Of course at the end of the day, the final determining factor in successfully landing any job is you.

The business degree will help to open the door but you will need to present to any potential employer the reasons why hiring you is a smart choice.

Having valuable skills that stand out is beneficial. Most companies like a self-starter who needs very little instruction to get the job done.

Here an employer will look for the rounded personality that possesses a strong character, leadership, confidence, swagger and the ability to adapt to any environment.

Remember most of the high paying positions require you to either handle tasks on your own or oversee the work of those around you.

You need to develop a relationship with co-workers that is both authoritative and respected.


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There is no doubt that having a business degree in your pocket can help you climb the food chain. After all, running a successful business isn't' easy.

Those businesses that seem to remain on top despite economic setbacks have help. They understand the importance of having a unified front.

This includes the right marketing strategies, the best financial consultants and an educated administrative staff to perform daily tasks.

As technology moves a company into the future they will still rely on accurate numbers and marketing strategies to sustain growth.

Since a business degree benefits almost any industry it will continue to be advantageous, helping you to land a higher paying job.

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