Check out this $90k-$225k/year entry level work-from-home job with no experience or degree required:

It's the Clean Energy Consultant position at ABC PRO GRP.

ABC PRO GRP stands for A Business Consulting Professional Group. Their mission is to give unbiased and efficient savings with different products, including solar.

ABC PRO GRP Clean Energy Consultant

What you'll do:

  • Prospecting for leads 
  • Build strong positive relationships with customers 
  • Clearly explain solar value proposition during-in-home or Zoom-based Solar Consultations 
  • Generate compelling solar + storage proposals, clearly explain the design, incentives, and cash flow 
  • Participate in business development and community outreach campaigns 
  • Maintain customer service relationships with existing clients, generate referrals 
  • Be a resource for the customer, communicate project scope, and set reasonable expectations 

About you:

They're looking for:

  • Self-Starters
  • Have a STRONG Work Ethic
  • Coachable
  • Have a Positive Attitude
  • Have Great Communication Skills
  • Have Critical thinking Abilities
  • Have Proven Leadership Skills
  • Solution-Oriented
  • Have a Sense of Ambition
  • Passionate
  • Persuasive


  • No experience required
  • Successful track record of in-home solar sales consultations. (Prefered)
  • Previous solar experience (Prefered)
  • Proven experience selling technical solutions to potential buyers (Preferred)
  • Excellent customer service and organizational skills 
  • Proven ability to understand and apply Electrical and Solar Design concepts (Prefered)
  • Proven ability to understand and apply solar regulations metrics (Prefered)
  • Community outreach and networking experience

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